Saturday, 12 December 2015

Seasons greetings... mini update;)

Hi my Lovely people,
Seasons greetings to all, its been a fairly busy few months for me but I can't complain not with all the sad things happening around the world, I'm just thankful for life.
Sorry I haven't been updating, but sometimes in the planning process of what needs to be done to make changes and actively doing it, I'm not always there in the present!

 My latest focus has been weight loss or more accurately toning. Its been about two years since I've been conforming towards a healthier lifestyle, I've removed most animal flesh  except for occasional shrimp or fish which I may eat when out with friends. So sometimes I'm a Pescetarian but generally have a lacto-vegetarian diet. As I learn more and adapt my taste buds to suit, its becoming a true lifestyle change that I believe I can stick with.

In my quest to tone up I've bought into the waist trainer/waist cincher hype and have chosen to go the affordable way by shopping on eBay for my waist cincher and neoprene slimming pants and on Amazon for my waist trimmer belt. I'm pretty much satisfied with my purchases they fit well and do work for what I need, for anyone interested, you just need to add a healthy food intake along with some form of cardio exercise to show more long term progress.
 I know around this time people are pretty wild about Christmas shopping, but besides on focusing on gifts for the kids------all of which are not mines!!
 I've been working on me, hope you don't mind the short post!

Bye for now

Note: Just a short rundown on terms..
Pescetarian can be described as one who abstains from eating all meat and animal flesh with the exception of sea foods such as fish, shrimp and lobster. But is similar to some vegetarian diet, in that it includes fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains.

Latex Waist Cincher  looks similar to a girdle which hooks with fasteners similar to what is used on bras there are also the zipper type. The inner part can consist of three layers, the one that rest against the skin is usually cotton, the latex is usually placed within as the second layer and the third is the panel seen outside. It compresses the waist which reduces bloating while giving a sleeker shape to your body the latex helps stimulate water loss around your core.( If shopping at eBay just check under: item specifics: material and as long as you see latex in the material you've got your item) paid USD $18. for mine

Waist Trimmer is usually a neoprene belt which promotes weight loss by preserving body heat and stimulating water loss during exercise it is held in place with velcro closure which provides an easy and adjustable fit for most people of different sizes.