Thursday, 17 September 2015

Affordable makeup brushes

Hi my Lovelies,
            Today I'm all about affordable brushes, last year I bought the four piece kabuki brush set from Amazon. It had become available at a few of our local online Facebook stores and before that I'd seen Youtube videos speaking of the original Sigmax Synthetic Kabuki brush sets. Then later there were comparison of its dupes. 
I liked the idea of having the brushes for powder application, and felt a few more thrown in for foundation use, would not hurt and the lower price point would really allow me the opportunity to play around with lower end dupes. 

Kabuki brushes

   These brushes came in different colours and sets of 4 or 5 and if you wanted the precision combo 8 or 10, I chose the 4 piece set, I figured anything extra would be unnecessary. I've been using at least three of these brushes and they have worked amazingly well, Sturdy ferrule with no shakiness, no shedding, and the bristles were soft on my skin but firm where needed for the application of products.
By now most everyone into makeup knows that synthetic brushes work well with

  • liquids
  • cream
  • powders
    Regardless of whether its foundation, blushes or bronzers, synthetic brushes tend to not absorb products unlike natural hair brushes. During my research before purchasing these brushes I tried to get a fair idea of what each were used for and applied some of the methods in my last makeup look, I was debating to myself about the precision brushes and finally understood how the precision brushes would benefit me. So I was actually inspired to to get the others.. this time on ebay for USD$4.98

Now for the uses: 

Flat Kabuki
Is generally used to apply liquid or cream foundation gives an airbrushed finish.

Rounded Angled Kabuki
Great for applying both powder and cream blushes or for contouring cheek area.

Dome/Round shaped Kabuki
Great for buffing in powder products and applying powder foundations or loose mineral powders.

Tapered Kabuki
Great for applying highlights and generally hard to reach areas also used for blending foundation around the nose and mouth area.

The fifth brush which was not in my four piece set, would have been the 
Flat Angled Kabuki
Great for blending in foundation or blending in your blush colour especially if you don't want to see a line of demarcation between blush/bronzer/contour etc, 

Precision Brushes

Above is the precision set or at least in the original high end Sigma collection, that's what it is called.

Flat Topped Precision Brush
Great for stippling on concealer on zits, sun spots and other blemishes

Flat Angled Precision Brush
Great for applying highlighter on bridge of nose, forehead, cupids bow and can be more precise for applying highlighter on the cheek bone.

Rounded Angled Precision Brush
Great for applying contour at the sides of your nose as its angle is some what tapered you don't get the harsh line if you apply lightly and slowly increase the density as you blend in the shape you are seeking to achieve.

Dome/Round Topped Precision Brushg
Great for applying cream primers, eyeshadow bases and blending out under eye concealer.

Tapered Precision Brush
Great for applying eyeshadow glitter on lids or pigments/ eyeshadow on the corner of eye also precise concealer application.

     Along with the precision brushes I also came across this separate brush called the 163 Professional Flat Contour brush. I got this on ebay for USD$1.98. The bristles are soft and firm, not scratchy on the skin but the ferrule is not as firmly in place as it should be so its slightly shaky, but it applies powder product nicely. There is no labelling on the actual brush, but its easy to find on ebay.

Professional 163 Flat Contour Brush

     The final brushes I came across was the brand Jessup, never heard of them until ebay, but checked a few reviews before purchasing. I was on the look out for a decent looking brush set and had liked the fact that each brush were individually labeled. There was a variety of colours available for these bushes but I settled for the classic gold and black theme.
      I've not used this set as yet so I'm not giving a review, mainly impressed with the labeling and thought it would be easier to memorize the names while using them. The fact that its a complete and inexpensive beginner set(you don't always get fluffy blendung brushes), definitely made this a good buy.  It has a slight chemical scent, but you're supposed to wash your brush before use anyway.     so I know the scent will fade with time.
     So it is worth checking out! I paid USD$18.41 for the 15pcs but the price may vary according to colour and they come in blue,white, pink and purple. The kabuki and precision sets are also available with the Jessup line or you can check for the no name brand on ebay, Amazon and also Aliexpress which just read the customer reviews first before selecting your seller.

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