Tuesday, 15 September 2015

A mini clothing Haul ;)

As I got the package I just pop it open, yes..I was pretty excited!

Hi my lovely people,
     I recently made a little online purchase that I'm really pleased about. I've been re-evaluating my clothes and getting rid of quite a few that don't fit, have faded or have never worn due to changes in my personal style and I've come to realize.. I don't have  much clothes!
     So I've been on the hunt for affordable, but basic pieces and started my search locally and found to many trendy pieces and the few basics were pretty expensive. So I decided to expand my view to online stores.  
     Finally I came across a few gorgeous looking clothes, particularly from seemingly Asian based stores but shipping would be steep if I was not willing to purchase beyond a certain price range plus I was pretty worried about sizing, I'm tall, 5'10 with wrist that tend to peek out of my jackets and jeans that gives me the look that a flood just came down, if I'm not careful with my measurements, added to that I'm not particularly model thin.
    When I came across a few reviews on a couple of US based online stores and for the most part I liked some of the clothes, but specifically liked the price and the shipping cost, but wondered about the quality. I choose to give them a closer look, one such shop that seemed to cater to my needs, was the 10DollarMall.com .Everything on this site cost ten dollars or less and besides clothes for average men and women, they catered to plus sizes and also had shoes, handbags and other accessories available as well.
 So heres a quick try on..and yes..no ironing people.....

 I ordered these items in size Large, the only item that was a little to tight on me was the beige/neutral coloured skirt. But I've been working slowly at toning up, so this just gives me further motivation. About now, there are a lot of clearace sales on a lot of other clothing sites, but I was pretty much comfortable with my choice. Just thought I'd share this little "tid bit".

Have a beauty filled


  1. Wow nice selection!!! I love the dress!!!!
    Thank you so much for your comment!!!
    Have a good week!!! and my g+ for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  2. Hi Marcela, I appreciate you checking my post and yes the red dress was my favorite selection too! I thank you so much!!<33XOX