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Skin Care-body brushing..

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            As I've mentioned before, my focus has been directed at making positive and healthy lifestyle changes, one of which embraces skin and body care. This is one I've added recently, body brushing or dry body brushing as it is commonly known. The process is similar to massaging it's just that you use the brush to manoeuvre the action. There are many benefits to body brushing, but the three (3) main points for me was:-
  1. To assist in the draining of toxins and waste into the lymph system.
  2. To helps get rid of the appearance of cellulite.
  3. It works as a gentle exfoliation tool to remove dead skin surface cells while stimulating the circulatory system in producing freshly regenerated skin.

     While browsing through the pages of a skincare book, I came across a short description on body brushing  and thought it seemed pretty beneficial and would be worth my time to gather a bit more information on the topic. There were many techniques on how it should be done and and even more suggestions on the variety of tools to be used, the most common seems to be the use of a brush made of natural hairs or plant bristles a loofah was also a good option,
     Overall the dry brushing technique can take less than five minutes, if you're in a hurry or as you begin to see the results extend to 5-10 minutes. Just understand that this process is not suppose to  sting or hurt, it should just give a healthy flush/glow to your skin.
      It's best done at least twice a day, on mornings and evening before your bath/shower preferably not during the night when you are about to rest, the stimulation may make it difficult to rest. I'm not as consistent as I would like but the idea of any form of gentle exfoliation which speeds up my body natural process for a healthy and vibrant appearance is always a positive.
     There is also face brushing, whereby an even smaller brush is needed, one that is soft and gentle for massaging this delicate area of the skin. The method used is of course gentler and even less pressure is used on the skin. For more on this method you can just search online.

Drawing showing the general area where lymph nodes are clustered
Lymph System
  The circulation of lymph is greatly dependent upon body movement such as exercise, the natural contraction of nearby skeletal muscles for movement and manual stimulation as applied in a body massage using the hands or body brushing which helps to speed up the process of toxic drainage and helps the body to have a faster elimination.

These are the little fat deposits under the skin that gives it that rippled uneven appearance, with dry brushing you are able to break up these little fat deposits and with time and consistent use along with a healthy diet and lifestyle it can improve the appearance and texture of your skin.

A few items that could work until you track down your favored brush

  • When dry brushing use smooth strokes.
  • Start at your feet and work your way up.
  • Your brush strokes on your skin should be firm but not painful.
  • You can work with long smooth strokes along the body extremities such as arms and legs, for shorter distances such as hands and the soles of your feet, apply circular motions going upwards.
  • Dry brushing your neck and back area is similar to the front strokes but you just sweep forward in the direction towards the lymph node area.

Drawing showing basic strokes for dry brushing.

I do not claim to be a professional, but I just wanted to share what I learnt on the topic and hope it may encourage you to do your own research and maybe include this into your own personal skincare regimen.

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