Tuesday, 14 July 2015

A few favored items

Hi Lovelies
This is just a short look at a few items I've been enjoying the use of this past few months, to begin I'll start with face:
I've been using two primers of recent and have really been enjoying there effectiveness:

The City Color Mousse Primer Matte Finish
As its name suggest it gives a matte finish, I generally apply this after drying my freshly washed face and though it is usually advised to apply a light moisturiser before application, sometimes I just forego that step. For me it works and usually last longer on my oily zones. Understand it makes no mention of pore filling properties so don't expect that type of results. What it does is apply as a mousse and dries to give, what I think is a matte powdered finish, which is the perfect base for me to apply my BB Cream.
When I choose to not use a BB Cream I usually go for the next item...
(cost TTD$30.00)

Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Pro Primer 002

This product states that it can give 5 results

  1. Smoothes
  2. Resurfaces
  3. Brightens
  4. Mattifies
  5. Protects
As you can see this is a multi-functional primer, I usually use this when I don't want much of anything on my face. I definitely use my moisturiser then wait awhile to apply, then I'll either use a translucent powder by Black Opal or my Ruby kisses HD Setn'Forget powder in Earth. This usually keep my face matte for a few hours but I do need to blot during the course of the day. It's pretty hot out here and I'm not much of an indoor person. I've seen the Rimmel London Stay Matte Primer  online but have never been fortunate to come across it myself when shopping locally.
(Cost TTD$44.95 when last purchased)

The third favored item on my list is
Pantene Pro-V
Relaxed & Natural for Women of Color 
Intensive Moisturising  Conditioner

This item I was introduced to after my bout with the Chik V flu that was going around late last year, So I decided to color my hair using two boxes of the Clairol Texture and Tones, no bleaching. This is where I got this handy little conditioner, besides leaving my hair soft it actually made my Type 4 Coily textured hair look more defined, for those who are lost the hair typing system, you can check the following LINKS: http://www.naturallycurly.com/hair-types
Although its aimed at relaxed and natural, its likely to work very well with curly hair, it worked exceedingly well on defining my miniature curls or coils as I prefer to call them and for women with Afro textured hair it would be a good item to add to your arsenal if you wanted to do a Wash and Go.

So my Lovelies this was just a look at a few items that I've been enjoying.


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