Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Life Update and a quick look at face brushes

Hi Lovely People,
     Its been awhile and I haven't been feeling myself, there has been many changes in my surroundings and in my own personal space. So much so that my focus have been on surviving and surmounting various minor obstacles in my daily life. I've also been taking a closer look at myself and where I want to be overall and where I've judged myself to have faltered and have slowly but surely introducing small life style changes to improve me and my opinion about myself..but that's an ongoing area in my life that I'm still working on so as I feel more  comfortable and stable in my journey I'll probably share how that has been going..

    Of recent one of my focus has been about my skin care, which brings to fore front the product that I recently purchased which is the Clarisonic Mia....understand this is not a review but just a few observations I made while searching for a face brush and what I felt would be suitable for my needs.

       This past year while shopping at Pennywise I saw the Conair True Glow Sonic Facial System at the time it cost TTD$389.99 I read the box and thought it would be something similar to the Clarisonic but saw no reviews on it and was not ready to part with my hard earned money on a whim, after all I already had a face brush from my Conair Facial Sauna kit.

Which I would use occasionally when I wanted to pamper myself, but my major disappointment was that it had no replaceable brush head. So what would I do when my face brush became worn (sigh).. just another gimmick item to be forgotten in some yes people I was not to hyper to part with my money.

     Then I saw it being sold at PriceSmart at an even higher cost TTD$699.00 
Note: The price has since dropped and you can also purchase this item at Courts for TTD$395.00.
 This motivated me to really search for reviews on this product and I found quite a lot on Amazon both good and bad and realized there were at leasts TWO different prices for the Conair True Glow Sonic System.The pricier one came with two face brushes, normal and sensitive plus two body brushes, a carry case and a charger stand while the other lower price version cames minus the carry case and the extra two brushes. The positive with this Conair Sonic System is that replaceable brush heads are available.

   The points that were most vital for me to make that purchase decision were the longevity of the item, the warranty on the product and the affordability of replaceable brush heads. Since I did not personally know of anyone who had purchased this item I could not get any direct answers, I chose Amazon to search for some of my answers, I read many reviews on both brushes and  I learnt that with the Conair True Glow Sonic System had an initial 30 days warranty which would be followed up with the direct one year warranty from Conair once you register your product.
      Now as for its longevity and this where there was a much disparity, this product according to most reviews worked wonderful but would seemingly "conk out" (malfunction) for no reason until a very astute user made the observation that although it was waterproof the bathroom being a humid environment could cause corrosion on  the exposed cathode.
     On the Clarisonic, there was nothing that would be exposed to corrosion and secondly with the lowest priced Clarisonic Mia you also got the one year warranty period, which would increase dependent on the version you bought Mia 2, Aria,  etc This was good to know but I still continued on and read the negative reviews and these also had instances of "conking out" (malfunctioning). Then I came upon a few of the negative reviewers stating that Amazon was not recognized as an authorized online store for  the Clarisonic. It had the usual 30 day warranty but when it came time to register your product with Clarisonic the registration number were not recognized..(big sigh!!).
 So I took a quiet moment to evaluate what I really wanted versus needed in my face brush:

  1. The Conair replaceable brush head at there site was USD$17.00 while on Amazon you could get it for about USD$8.39
  2. The Clarisonic Mia replaceable brush head cost USD$27 and USD$44.00 for two when its on special for the originals while the supposed "fakes" and compatibles ranged from USD$5 - $25
  3. The Conair True Glow Sonic System is relatively new on the market, has the body brush at and affordable price but with a few issues to work out and there is not much people who have had it for longer than a year so its a good product worth keeping your eyes on.
  4. The basic Clarisonic Mia has been around longer and the "genuine" ones have been proven to last well beyond the one year warranty and though it does not come with the different speed, timer or body brush its more stable for the price.
Note: Another positive for the Clarisonic was that there is a very highly reviewed small company called Proctizon  that sells on Amazon that makes a variety of affordable replacement brush heads that fits beautifully.  

     This pushed me to venture further outside my comfort zone (as I happen to enjoy shopping on Amazon and yes Ebay too!) and I settled on the Skin Store which offers free shipping, so I was able to get my warranty for the full one year and a few sample skin products to try which is always pleasing.

Well as I mentioned previously there is a company called Procizion where they have different deals on brush heads,presently two replaceable brush head cost USD$14.97 and you have the option in purchasing replaceable heads in twos, fours and if you are like me and want to try out the different types of brush heads available such as Normal, Sensitive, Deep Pore, Acne Prone and Delicate there is the pack of five for USD$35.00

     My Clarisonic Mia came with the sensitive brush and yes I did get the  ClarisonicRefreshing Gel Cleanser head and I have just started using it on my skin so I can't go into reviews about that, besides you are advised to change the bush head every 3 months. But I can give side by side picture comparison of the sensitive brush head for anyone to form there own opinion, as well as state that these brushes do fit my Mia well and that it do oscillate - give that side to side movement which feels like a vibration. Remember its not a rotation brush like my previous one.

Left Clarisonic Sensitive and Right Procizion Sensitive

Top Clarisonic Original Brush Head; Below Procizion Brush Head

Top Clarisonic; below Procizion

and this is just a final look at my trustee rotational brush next to the Clarisonic Mia.

Have a Beautiful Day
my lovely

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