Wednesday, 7 January 2015

A personal moment and a few random favorites

Hi Lovelies

     This is just a few random stuff I had the necessity to use and have found them to be invaluable in my arsenal of everyday stuff. Awhile, back just before the holidays I contracted the Chikungunya virus that have been slowly making its way throughout the Caribbean and has finally hit our island of "Trinbago". A couple of friends, co-worker and fellow acquaintances were complaining of the symptoms being "bad" meaning painful, but I really did not pay it any mind.. until I got it:(

Chikungunya Symptoms: this can last 3-7 days and is said to be spread by the Aedes Aegypti and Aedes Albopictus mosquitoes.

  • headache
  • muscle pain
  • joint swelling
  • fatigue and weakness
  • rash (face,limbs and trunk
Anyway, to get to the point of this post

 My  stepmom used this baby on me when I complained to her of the muscle soreness, joint pain and swelling I was experiencing, she started it on low speed because of the combination of muscle and joint pain and as the blood circulation in that area started to flow, she raised it to higher levels where the the discomfort was a bearable, then she started her actual hand massage. When she was finished my body felt "freer" and I could put more weight on my right side. The next day I was a bit sore but was not moving around like a senior citizen with really bad arthritis.
    The following day I started to get the itching, but  did not pay it much attention, it started mainly
in my arms and scalp but didn't seem to serious, but throughout the day it progressed to greater discomfort until my skin looked red and raised. I tried re applying  my homemade butter mix, which did seem to carry the bumps down, but not for long, because it would raise up again when I scratched. Decided to call my stepmom who within the hours of massaging me, also woke up with the virus?!!(there home in usually enclosed because they tend to run there airconditioning system), my stepmom suggested using a light weight cream on my skin, she had purchased the one below and was using it at first as a base with some other oil mixture added in, on her hair and then on her skin when her favourite Jergens Age Defying cream had finished and seemed to have disappeared from Pennywise shelves, until we recently saw its return in the new packaging.

Ingredient: aqua,cetstearyl alcohol, petrolatum, paraffinum liuidum, phenoxyethanol, sodium luryl sulphate, theobroma cacao,coumarin, cinnamyl, alcohol, CI 15510.

Anyway both these creams seemed to have worked well in returning  the moisture balance and former smoothness to our skin, the first was sold to me from some quick talking street vendor, who obviously, (after I read the back!) had bought from the super ten dollar store, now renamed the twenty dollar and up?(not to certain right now). The second was bought at Pennywise for TTD$15. I bought it at first to try on my hair, but did not bother when I took a closer look at the ingredients and just thought I would  stick to the original use.


This final body butter is one I carry around in my car, it smells heavenly, moisturises well and on the occassions I choose to overnight or leave home in a rush without moisturising  my skin this is the "bomb" or in simpler english, a sure necessity.TTD$15.

Hoping this post meets
you in great health

Note: You can always google/search the information on this Chik V, unfortunately I only got a pamplet in my mail box after I had already suffered through it. I personally avoided taking any traditional meds and instead used several different "old  wives" herbs (bush medicine) that functioned to build back up my blood count and purify/cleanse my body. On a local radio show, someone was explaining that the people who suffered the most, were the ones whose body was to acidic, and that they needed to eat foods, that  contained more fresh fruits and vegetables which would create an inner body that is more alkaline in nature.Please do not think I'm advocating my way, I just chose to do things my own way and I'm just sharing my own experience, no two bodies are alike or even reacts the same way. Just try and take care of yourselves loves. 

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