Saturday, 12 December 2015

Seasons greetings... mini update;)

Hi my Lovely people,
Seasons greetings to all, its been a fairly busy few months for me but I can't complain not with all the sad things happening around the world, I'm just thankful for life.
Sorry I haven't been updating, but sometimes in the planning process of what needs to be done to make changes and actively doing it, I'm not always there in the present!

 My latest focus has been weight loss or more accurately toning. Its been about two years since I've been conforming towards a healthier lifestyle, I've removed most animal flesh  except for occasional shrimp or fish which I may eat when out with friends. So sometimes I'm a Pescetarian but generally have a lacto-vegetarian diet. As I learn more and adapt my taste buds to suit, its becoming a true lifestyle change that I believe I can stick with.

In my quest to tone up I've bought into the waist trainer/waist cincher hype and have chosen to go the affordable way by shopping on eBay for my waist cincher and neoprene slimming pants and on Amazon for my waist trimmer belt. I'm pretty much satisfied with my purchases they fit well and do work for what I need, for anyone interested, you just need to add a healthy food intake along with some form of cardio exercise to show more long term progress.
 I know around this time people are pretty wild about Christmas shopping, but besides on focusing on gifts for the kids------all of which are not mines!!
 I've been working on me, hope you don't mind the short post!

Bye for now

Note: Just a short rundown on terms..
Pescetarian can be described as one who abstains from eating all meat and animal flesh with the exception of sea foods such as fish, shrimp and lobster. But is similar to some vegetarian diet, in that it includes fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains.

Latex Waist Cincher  looks similar to a girdle which hooks with fasteners similar to what is used on bras there are also the zipper type. The inner part can consist of three layers, the one that rest against the skin is usually cotton, the latex is usually placed within as the second layer and the third is the panel seen outside. It compresses the waist which reduces bloating while giving a sleeker shape to your body the latex helps stimulate water loss around your core.( If shopping at eBay just check under: item specifics: material and as long as you see latex in the material you've got your item) paid USD $18. for mine

Waist Trimmer is usually a neoprene belt which promotes weight loss by preserving body heat and stimulating water loss during exercise it is held in place with velcro closure which provides an easy and adjustable fit for most people of different sizes.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Divali Greetings..

Hi my lovely people

I really don't like leaving the house much during our holiday festivities but my good friend came and collected me to see the lighting, unfortunately that was just a thought because it rained and it rained so most people did there lighting indoors..

There was only once house on that street willing to brave the weather...

Have a Beautiful week
my friends

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Affordable makeup brushes

Hi my Lovelies,
            Today I'm all about affordable brushes, last year I bought the four piece kabuki brush set from Amazon. It had become available at a few of our local online Facebook stores and before that I'd seen Youtube videos speaking of the original Sigmax Synthetic Kabuki brush sets. Then later there were comparison of its dupes. 
I liked the idea of having the brushes for powder application, and felt a few more thrown in for foundation use, would not hurt and the lower price point would really allow me the opportunity to play around with lower end dupes. 

Kabuki brushes

   These brushes came in different colours and sets of 4 or 5 and if you wanted the precision combo 8 or 10, I chose the 4 piece set, I figured anything extra would be unnecessary. I've been using at least three of these brushes and they have worked amazingly well, Sturdy ferrule with no shakiness, no shedding, and the bristles were soft on my skin but firm where needed for the application of products.
By now most everyone into makeup knows that synthetic brushes work well with

  • liquids
  • cream
  • powders
    Regardless of whether its foundation, blushes or bronzers, synthetic brushes tend to not absorb products unlike natural hair brushes. During my research before purchasing these brushes I tried to get a fair idea of what each were used for and applied some of the methods in my last makeup look, I was debating to myself about the precision brushes and finally understood how the precision brushes would benefit me. So I was actually inspired to to get the others.. this time on ebay for USD$4.98

Now for the uses: 

Flat Kabuki
Is generally used to apply liquid or cream foundation gives an airbrushed finish.

Rounded Angled Kabuki
Great for applying both powder and cream blushes or for contouring cheek area.

Dome/Round shaped Kabuki
Great for buffing in powder products and applying powder foundations or loose mineral powders.

Tapered Kabuki
Great for applying highlights and generally hard to reach areas also used for blending foundation around the nose and mouth area.

The fifth brush which was not in my four piece set, would have been the 
Flat Angled Kabuki
Great for blending in foundation or blending in your blush colour especially if you don't want to see a line of demarcation between blush/bronzer/contour etc, 

Precision Brushes

Above is the precision set or at least in the original high end Sigma collection, that's what it is called.

Flat Topped Precision Brush
Great for stippling on concealer on zits, sun spots and other blemishes

Flat Angled Precision Brush
Great for applying highlighter on bridge of nose, forehead, cupids bow and can be more precise for applying highlighter on the cheek bone.

Rounded Angled Precision Brush
Great for applying contour at the sides of your nose as its angle is some what tapered you don't get the harsh line if you apply lightly and slowly increase the density as you blend in the shape you are seeking to achieve.

Dome/Round Topped Precision Brushg
Great for applying cream primers, eyeshadow bases and blending out under eye concealer.

Tapered Precision Brush
Great for applying eyeshadow glitter on lids or pigments/ eyeshadow on the corner of eye also precise concealer application.

     Along with the precision brushes I also came across this separate brush called the 163 Professional Flat Contour brush. I got this on ebay for USD$1.98. The bristles are soft and firm, not scratchy on the skin but the ferrule is not as firmly in place as it should be so its slightly shaky, but it applies powder product nicely. There is no labelling on the actual brush, but its easy to find on ebay.

Professional 163 Flat Contour Brush

     The final brushes I came across was the brand Jessup, never heard of them until ebay, but checked a few reviews before purchasing. I was on the look out for a decent looking brush set and had liked the fact that each brush were individually labeled. There was a variety of colours available for these bushes but I settled for the classic gold and black theme.
      I've not used this set as yet so I'm not giving a review, mainly impressed with the labeling and thought it would be easier to memorize the names while using them. The fact that its a complete and inexpensive beginner set(you don't always get fluffy blendung brushes), definitely made this a good buy.  It has a slight chemical scent, but you're supposed to wash your brush before use anyway.     so I know the scent will fade with time.
     So it is worth checking out! I paid USD$18.41 for the 15pcs but the price may vary according to colour and they come in blue,white, pink and purple. The kabuki and precision sets are also available with the Jessup line or you can check for the no name brand on ebay, Amazon and also Aliexpress which just read the customer reviews first before selecting your seller.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

A mini clothing Haul ;)

As I got the package I just pop it open, yes..I was pretty excited!

Hi my lovely people,
     I recently made a little online purchase that I'm really pleased about. I've been re-evaluating my clothes and getting rid of quite a few that don't fit, have faded or have never worn due to changes in my personal style and I've come to realize.. I don't have  much clothes!
     So I've been on the hunt for affordable, but basic pieces and started my search locally and found to many trendy pieces and the few basics were pretty expensive. So I decided to expand my view to online stores.  
     Finally I came across a few gorgeous looking clothes, particularly from seemingly Asian based stores but shipping would be steep if I was not willing to purchase beyond a certain price range plus I was pretty worried about sizing, I'm tall, 5'10 with wrist that tend to peek out of my jackets and jeans that gives me the look that a flood just came down, if I'm not careful with my measurements, added to that I'm not particularly model thin.
    When I came across a few reviews on a couple of US based online stores and for the most part I liked some of the clothes, but specifically liked the price and the shipping cost, but wondered about the quality. I choose to give them a closer look, one such shop that seemed to cater to my needs, was the .Everything on this site cost ten dollars or less and besides clothes for average men and women, they catered to plus sizes and also had shoes, handbags and other accessories available as well.
 So heres a quick try on..and ironing people.....

 I ordered these items in size Large, the only item that was a little to tight on me was the beige/neutral coloured skirt. But I've been working slowly at toning up, so this just gives me further motivation. About now, there are a lot of clearace sales on a lot of other clothing sites, but I was pretty much comfortable with my choice. Just thought I'd share this little "tid bit".

Have a beauty filled

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Skin Care-body brushing..

Hi Lovely People,
            As I've mentioned before, my focus has been directed at making positive and healthy lifestyle changes, one of which embraces skin and body care. This is one I've added recently, body brushing or dry body brushing as it is commonly known. The process is similar to massaging it's just that you use the brush to manoeuvre the action. There are many benefits to body brushing, but the three (3) main points for me was:-
  1. To assist in the draining of toxins and waste into the lymph system.
  2. To helps get rid of the appearance of cellulite.
  3. It works as a gentle exfoliation tool to remove dead skin surface cells while stimulating the circulatory system in producing freshly regenerated skin.

     While browsing through the pages of a skincare book, I came across a short description on body brushing  and thought it seemed pretty beneficial and would be worth my time to gather a bit more information on the topic. There were many techniques on how it should be done and and even more suggestions on the variety of tools to be used, the most common seems to be the use of a brush made of natural hairs or plant bristles a loofah was also a good option,
     Overall the dry brushing technique can take less than five minutes, if you're in a hurry or as you begin to see the results extend to 5-10 minutes. Just understand that this process is not suppose to  sting or hurt, it should just give a healthy flush/glow to your skin.
      It's best done at least twice a day, on mornings and evening before your bath/shower preferably not during the night when you are about to rest, the stimulation may make it difficult to rest. I'm not as consistent as I would like but the idea of any form of gentle exfoliation which speeds up my body natural process for a healthy and vibrant appearance is always a positive.
     There is also face brushing, whereby an even smaller brush is needed, one that is soft and gentle for massaging this delicate area of the skin. The method used is of course gentler and even less pressure is used on the skin. For more on this method you can just search online.

Drawing showing the general area where lymph nodes are clustered
Lymph System
  The circulation of lymph is greatly dependent upon body movement such as exercise, the natural contraction of nearby skeletal muscles for movement and manual stimulation as applied in a body massage using the hands or body brushing which helps to speed up the process of toxic drainage and helps the body to have a faster elimination.

These are the little fat deposits under the skin that gives it that rippled uneven appearance, with dry brushing you are able to break up these little fat deposits and with time and consistent use along with a healthy diet and lifestyle it can improve the appearance and texture of your skin.

A few items that could work until you track down your favored brush

  • When dry brushing use smooth strokes.
  • Start at your feet and work your way up.
  • Your brush strokes on your skin should be firm but not painful.
  • You can work with long smooth strokes along the body extremities such as arms and legs, for shorter distances such as hands and the soles of your feet, apply circular motions going upwards.
  • Dry brushing your neck and back area is similar to the front strokes but you just sweep forward in the direction towards the lymph node area.

Drawing showing basic strokes for dry brushing.

I do not claim to be a professional, but I just wanted to share what I learnt on the topic and hope it may encourage you to do your own research and maybe include this into your own personal skincare regimen.

Hope this post
meets you 
during a 
relaxed and peaceful

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

My Simple Made Up summer Look

Hi Lovelies,
These are a few gift items I received since Christmas 2014 in a gift exchange at work, I have since parted ways with the brushes and replaced them with some travel friendly Eco Tools brushes, which fit very neatly in the makeup pouch which I kept.

 I have not been experimenting much with makeup this year, but amongst my friends the matte lipstick by Sacha Cosmetics seems to be so well likes so I figured it was time to "bust" out this gift set and really try it out. The lipstick is called Wicked, the eyeshadow palette Smoky Bronze and the Blush is called Claret.
L to R Blush: Claret, Lipstick: Wicked, Eyeshadow: Smoky Bronze

  So today is the day I'm finally going to indulge myself in trying out this mini kit.Below I've placed a picture to show how the swatches appear on my skin, I know the colours may appear a bit dark for summer season, but down here anything goes if you're in the mood to try out new looks.

So here goes
Applied my NYX base then used the lighter shade of rose red in my crease then blended in and above the crease. Followed this up with the deeper wine shade 3/4 way into the crease then blended. I then applied the yellow toned bronze(y) color as a highlight closer to my brow bone, if you look at the swatches above its the one on the lower right that blends in easily with my skin.

The top bronze(y) taupe color I applied to my inner corner and full lid, I then added the army green colour to the outer 2/3 of my lid. Finally I just used the navy blue  to make my "v" shape in the outer corner. Lined my eyes with a felt tip liner and attempted to apply false lashes which was fail, but hey! I tried(c;
Final Look below

bye for now..

P.S. thank you Makeda, for allowing me to try out a few items from SACHA's new line.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

A few favored items

Hi Lovelies
This is just a short look at a few items I've been enjoying the use of this past few months, to begin I'll start with face:
I've been using two primers of recent and have really been enjoying there effectiveness:

The City Color Mousse Primer Matte Finish
As its name suggest it gives a matte finish, I generally apply this after drying my freshly washed face and though it is usually advised to apply a light moisturiser before application, sometimes I just forego that step. For me it works and usually last longer on my oily zones. Understand it makes no mention of pore filling properties so don't expect that type of results. What it does is apply as a mousse and dries to give, what I think is a matte powdered finish, which is the perfect base for me to apply my BB Cream.
When I choose to not use a BB Cream I usually go for the next item...
(cost TTD$30.00)

Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Pro Primer 002

This product states that it can give 5 results

  1. Smoothes
  2. Resurfaces
  3. Brightens
  4. Mattifies
  5. Protects
As you can see this is a multi-functional primer, I usually use this when I don't want much of anything on my face. I definitely use my moisturiser then wait awhile to apply, then I'll either use a translucent powder by Black Opal or my Ruby kisses HD Setn'Forget powder in Earth. This usually keep my face matte for a few hours but I do need to blot during the course of the day. It's pretty hot out here and I'm not much of an indoor person. I've seen the Rimmel London Stay Matte Primer  online but have never been fortunate to come across it myself when shopping locally.
(Cost TTD$44.95 when last purchased)

The third favored item on my list is
Pantene Pro-V
Relaxed & Natural for Women of Color 
Intensive Moisturising  Conditioner

This item I was introduced to after my bout with the Chik V flu that was going around late last year, So I decided to color my hair using two boxes of the Clairol Texture and Tones, no bleaching. This is where I got this handy little conditioner, besides leaving my hair soft it actually made my Type 4 Coily textured hair look more defined, for those who are lost the hair typing system, you can check the following LINKS:
Although its aimed at relaxed and natural, its likely to work very well with curly hair, it worked exceedingly well on defining my miniature curls or coils as I prefer to call them and for women with Afro textured hair it would be a good item to add to your arsenal if you wanted to do a Wash and Go.

So my Lovelies this was just a look at a few items that I've been enjoying.


Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Life Update and a quick look at face brushes

Hi Lovely People,
     Its been awhile and I haven't been feeling myself, there has been many changes in my surroundings and in my own personal space. So much so that my focus have been on surviving and surmounting various minor obstacles in my daily life. I've also been taking a closer look at myself and where I want to be overall and where I've judged myself to have faltered and have slowly but surely introducing small life style changes to improve me and my opinion about myself..but that's an ongoing area in my life that I'm still working on so as I feel more  comfortable and stable in my journey I'll probably share how that has been going..

    Of recent one of my focus has been about my skin care, which brings to fore front the product that I recently purchased which is the Clarisonic Mia....understand this is not a review but just a few observations I made while searching for a face brush and what I felt would be suitable for my needs.

       This past year while shopping at Pennywise I saw the Conair True Glow Sonic Facial System at the time it cost TTD$389.99 I read the box and thought it would be something similar to the Clarisonic but saw no reviews on it and was not ready to part with my hard earned money on a whim, after all I already had a face brush from my Conair Facial Sauna kit.

Which I would use occasionally when I wanted to pamper myself, but my major disappointment was that it had no replaceable brush head. So what would I do when my face brush became worn (sigh).. just another gimmick item to be forgotten in some yes people I was not to hyper to part with my money.

     Then I saw it being sold at PriceSmart at an even higher cost TTD$699.00 
Note: The price has since dropped and you can also purchase this item at Courts for TTD$395.00.
 This motivated me to really search for reviews on this product and I found quite a lot on Amazon both good and bad and realized there were at leasts TWO different prices for the Conair True Glow Sonic System.The pricier one came with two face brushes, normal and sensitive plus two body brushes, a carry case and a charger stand while the other lower price version cames minus the carry case and the extra two brushes. The positive with this Conair Sonic System is that replaceable brush heads are available.

   The points that were most vital for me to make that purchase decision were the longevity of the item, the warranty on the product and the affordability of replaceable brush heads. Since I did not personally know of anyone who had purchased this item I could not get any direct answers, I chose Amazon to search for some of my answers, I read many reviews on both brushes and  I learnt that with the Conair True Glow Sonic System had an initial 30 days warranty which would be followed up with the direct one year warranty from Conair once you register your product.
      Now as for its longevity and this where there was a much disparity, this product according to most reviews worked wonderful but would seemingly "conk out" (malfunction) for no reason until a very astute user made the observation that although it was waterproof the bathroom being a humid environment could cause corrosion on  the exposed cathode.
     On the Clarisonic, there was nothing that would be exposed to corrosion and secondly with the lowest priced Clarisonic Mia you also got the one year warranty period, which would increase dependent on the version you bought Mia 2, Aria,  etc This was good to know but I still continued on and read the negative reviews and these also had instances of "conking out" (malfunctioning). Then I came upon a few of the negative reviewers stating that Amazon was not recognized as an authorized online store for  the Clarisonic. It had the usual 30 day warranty but when it came time to register your product with Clarisonic the registration number were not recognized..(big sigh!!).
 So I took a quiet moment to evaluate what I really wanted versus needed in my face brush:

  1. The Conair replaceable brush head at there site was USD$17.00 while on Amazon you could get it for about USD$8.39
  2. The Clarisonic Mia replaceable brush head cost USD$27 and USD$44.00 for two when its on special for the originals while the supposed "fakes" and compatibles ranged from USD$5 - $25
  3. The Conair True Glow Sonic System is relatively new on the market, has the body brush at and affordable price but with a few issues to work out and there is not much people who have had it for longer than a year so its a good product worth keeping your eyes on.
  4. The basic Clarisonic Mia has been around longer and the "genuine" ones have been proven to last well beyond the one year warranty and though it does not come with the different speed, timer or body brush its more stable for the price.
Note: Another positive for the Clarisonic was that there is a very highly reviewed small company called Proctizon  that sells on Amazon that makes a variety of affordable replacement brush heads that fits beautifully.  

     This pushed me to venture further outside my comfort zone (as I happen to enjoy shopping on Amazon and yes Ebay too!) and I settled on the Skin Store which offers free shipping, so I was able to get my warranty for the full one year and a few sample skin products to try which is always pleasing.

Well as I mentioned previously there is a company called Procizion where they have different deals on brush heads,presently two replaceable brush head cost USD$14.97 and you have the option in purchasing replaceable heads in twos, fours and if you are like me and want to try out the different types of brush heads available such as Normal, Sensitive, Deep Pore, Acne Prone and Delicate there is the pack of five for USD$35.00

     My Clarisonic Mia came with the sensitive brush and yes I did get the  ClarisonicRefreshing Gel Cleanser head and I have just started using it on my skin so I can't go into reviews about that, besides you are advised to change the bush head every 3 months. But I can give side by side picture comparison of the sensitive brush head for anyone to form there own opinion, as well as state that these brushes do fit my Mia well and that it do oscillate - give that side to side movement which feels like a vibration. Remember its not a rotation brush like my previous one.

Left Clarisonic Sensitive and Right Procizion Sensitive

Top Clarisonic Original Brush Head; Below Procizion Brush Head

Top Clarisonic; below Procizion

and this is just a final look at my trustee rotational brush next to the Clarisonic Mia.

Have a Beautiful Day
my lovely