Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Just a small look at a few L.A. COLORS - Cover Up! Pro Concealer Sticks

Hi Lovelies,

     Just wanted to share a first look at the colour correctors I bought from the L.A. COLORS Cover Up! Pro Concealer line they seem pretty creamy and pigmented for the price TTD15. also seemed to blend well and I do look forward to experimenting on myself and friends to get that flawless look.


Colour Correctors are usually used to to cover up dark circles, reduce redness, blemishes, and other minor skin discolourations on the face or body.
The colours can be used:
GREEN is used to minimize redness on inflamed skin
CORAL/ORANGE in darker skin tones is used to minimize the grey sometime ashy colours under the eyes and nose area
YELLOW is used in lighter skin tones to minimize bluish to dark purple like bruising or even dark circles under the eye.
These colours are usually applied before your foundation.


 Just wanted to share a video or two, of one of my favorite Youtube makeup artiste, Destiny Godley she also has her own blog. destinygodley.blogspot.com/
Why am I highlighting her in my blog post today? Well I recently purchased some LA COLORS Cover Up Concealer sticks mainly the color correctors.  I'm by no stretch of the imagination a makeup artist, but like most women I do enjoy playing around with makeup. I'm still learning and I do view other makeup artist, but the two I learned the most from are Destiny Godley and Gossmakeupartist they are very open to sharing their tips and techniques in an easy and visual way.
     Anyway in a couple of her videos she speaks of colour correctors and demonstrate how its done using several different name brands. I have personally never been too interested in doing a hard core search for any corrector, but when I saw these readily available correctors(for me!) at Wonderful World I thought that there is no reason to pass them up.
So down below are two videos from Destiny, please check out her channel LINK

This post is not a review just me sharing a little that I learned while featuring someone who has a great bit more knowledge on the use of colour correctors than myself.


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