Friday, 11 April 2014

A sad farewell to Domineque Banks.... :c(

Hello Lovelies

This morning I awoke and was greeted with this sad news on my Facebook page and was pretty much stunned, she passed away on April 9th 2014 due to medical complications caused by Lupus. I have been a follower of her YouTube channel since around 2009, because it was something of a joy to discover someone with a hair type similar to my own who had been successful in caring for her hair with gentle manipulation that its response was to show that kinky textured hair could achieve such great lengths.
Though I did not know her personally, to me she was one of those youtube natural hair pioneers such as RusticBeauty, Kimmaytube, Sera2544 to name a few.. In her videos she came across as a very beautiful,simple, straightforward, humble but private person.
YouTube linkLongHairDontCare2011

I have always enjoyed her videos, and her simple easygoing approach gave me added motivation in caring for my own hair. In one of her earlier video (below) she mentioned being ill in her description box

To understand the cause of her passing, and to assist the family by giving a small donation you can follow this link

May Her Soul Rest In Peace

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