Monday, 10 March 2014

A Naked 3 replica

Hi Lovelies,
Its been awhile since i have put up a post, but with close friends and family members taking their departure from this life, I felt that taking a break to indulge in a little me time was very necessary...

     Thought I'd stop in today and share a little affordable "find" that I purchased from eBay recently.I suppose its no surprise to anyone, that on eBay you can find just about anything and everything (both real and fake) especially with makeup items the options are endless. So I came across this while searching for affordable brushes. For those who follow up on higher end makeup, Urban Decay had taken the lead by introducing their own version of a complete neutral  travel size pallet named the Naked pallet, which was a very popular and fast seller, which eventually brought about Naked 2 ,Naked Basics and of recent Naked 3.Due to their popularity the naked line of neutral palettes seems to have spawned the inspiration for other companies...

On the box they mentioned some sample primer potion, but seeing as it was not the real deal's not a problem!!

     Anyway this replica item arrived in less than a month, (ordered it on the 6 Feb arrived at my box collected this on the 28 Feb) came in a little box and was securely wrapped with a small bubble wrap strip and within was secured with larger bubble wrap. I paid USD 13.99 and got free shipping.
   I personally have no issues with purchasing or trying out a replica/fake as it allows me to experiment with these lovely rose-gold toned  colours without creating a major hole in my pocket as the real deal would! Mwah ;)
So below is a look at the colours...

The mirror had a plastic seal to prevent scratches, which I've since removed..

Could not quite capture the tones..but here it goes - Top: outdoor in sunlight Bottom: indoors

The colours and how they showed up on my skin:-

Strange matte a bit powdery when applied but translucent on my skin when blended; Dust the name is very apt, nice metallic shade but plenty fallout need to dampen your brush to really make the beauty of this colour show. Burnout has a beautiful peachy/gold metallic shimmer, showed up nicely; Limit matte and translucent ;Buzz deep rosy pink; Trick coppery shimmer; Nooner a matte taupe-like colour with a hint of pink; Liar light pinky/mauve shimmer; Factory brownish-pink satin colour; Mugshot satiny pinkish taupe; Darkside has a deep plum colour in palette but seemed plumy/taupe on my hand; and Blackheart like the reddish/black grapes with a satin shimmer.

Sorry about the shine but its the best i could do at the time

Note the colour all had that rosy tinge in the pan, but some were more pronounced than others when applied on my skin tone. I can't compare pigmentation to the real deal but for me you can not go wrong with a little primer<333

To try this dupe/fake/replica/like pallet you can check on eBay under the heading
12 Colour Eyeshadow Iron box NK3 Palette Makeup Set 
and choose your seller according to the ratings from review
or for the legit item

Please remember this is not the genuine item so the quality may not be the same as the original and the opinion given is just a statement of my own experience with the said item.

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