Friday, 22 November 2013

BeautyTreats Lip Crayon

Hi Lovelies
Its  been quite awhile since I've posted anything, but its good to be back even if its for a short while..

I stopped of at Pennywise in POS to purchase a few items and came across some ladies checking out a few of the newer lip products, when I saw these BeautyTreats products thought why not ?

Lip Crayon is a creamy lip color that provides a buildable coverage with a twist up core so it doesn’t require sharpening.

Lip Crayon comes in 6 creamy colors.

At $11.99, I thought it wouldn't hurt my pocket as much as paying TTD$40 or more for other similar products locally.So while there, I got to select from the four remaining colours, unfortunately I did not observe any name for the different shades..

So for the skin sensitive ladies..
mineral oil, ceresine wax, beeswax, ethylhexyl palmate, mico crystalline wax, petrolatum, polybutene, propylparaben, methylparaben.

The product comes with each lip crayon wrapped in tamper proof  plastic, the wrapper also has the  printed product  ingredients. The product also has an expiry date, so for those that keep track its an added convenience.  When I opened the balm it had a sweet "candy" scent, and the product did apply smoothly and showed up nicely on my lips. As for longevity it does not stain your lips, but the colour do show well when applied, so retouches would be in order.
Opinion: its an affordable group of fun colours, that is easy to use and travel with, but if you're looking for longevity and possibly more variety you can check out the higher end brands.

Hoping your weekend goes well!