Friday, 2 August 2013

A glimpse of some Emancipation Paintings..

Hi Lovelies,
   Yesterday in "Trinbago" (Trinidad & Tobago) Emancipation celebration was held..I did not attend, instead I spent part of the day at the mechanic and then had to rush off to work. So this is just a few photos I took the day before of the art art exhibition before the actual holiday celebration and thought I would share.(The only artist name I actually could make out was Jesus Revelo)
The photos  were taken with my phone and may not be the best quality ..

Note: The emancipation celebration this year started from the 21st July-31st July. Daily activities were held at the Queen's Park Savannah aka "Emancipation Village" by The Emancipation Support Committee until the final day celebration on the 31st. Facebook Page.

It's Friday,
Hope everyone has a great start to there weekend!