Saturday, 13 July 2013

Beauty Treats - Chic Cheek & Lip

Hi Lovelies,
Its been awhile, I've been taking a closer look at my diet and I'm slowly trying to introduce healthier foods and life style changes that would be easy for me what pushed this agenda home for me was trying on a couple of my jeans and realising that what used to glide up easily up my legs to my waist has been proving to be a seriously.So hopefully with the changes I tried to make I will finally see some gradual improvement and changes. If I'm successful with it I'll include my progress in a very future post?!!

This week while at Pennywise in Tunapuna I came across these Beauty Treat Chic Cheek & Lip 2 in 1Color for lips and cheek since the local price was just TT$9.95 it was an easy purchase...
So it comes in a 3.6g/13oz compact which gives the expiry date at the back and it has four colours to choose from:
  • 01-Modish 
  • 02-Swanky
  • 03-Elegant
  • 04-Stylish
Left to Right: Stylish, Elegant, Modish, Swanky

So according to their home page product description:-

"This creamy textured product will give color and lasting power on your lips or cheeks. Unlike your usual cream blush that has a luminous finish, this creamy texture has a matte finish. When applied to the lips, it becomes a matte color that stains the lips.

Cream blush leaves longer lasting power and hold on the skin especially when used with a powder blush on top.
Other than using it for the cheeks, cream blush has also been used for color on the lips and eyelids too.  
Unlike other formulas, this one is made to be creamy when first applied but then dries matte. This allows the color to have longer wear time."

Left: 01-Modish, 02-Swanky,03-Elegant, 04-Stylish

So this is what it looks like in swatches on my arm, it really gives a dry/matte finish

My Thoughts
On my skin, I felt it appeared very nude and gives a very light wash of colour, meaning it is pigmented but not so strongly that it would not blend easily. It did not appear or feel greasy on my skin. On my lips because it dries to give a matte finish it seems to highlight every crack and crevice,although I had applied vitamin E to my lips prior to putting the product on, I also really needed to use a lip liner for the colours that did not quite match my skin tone and could not apply the colour to heavily to my lips without it appearing to pasty. I preferred the colour 02 Swanky, but overall I think all the colours worked better as a blush than a lip colour. If you do choose it  for your lips then the process of exfoliating your lips with a lip scrub is strongly advised, moisturise and then apply, but wearing a similar colour lip gloss would give it  a smoother finish and nice wash of colour to the lips. Or it may be  even used as a lip base for a similar colour lipstick which would allow your lip colour to last well. I wore 02-Swanky around the house for the day and did not observe any staining.

Bye for now and hope everyone has a lovely weekend

Friday, 12 July 2013

Juts some local talent..

Hi Lovelies,
Its another Friday and soon I'll be out with a few friends just breezin' but I just thought I'd share another local Youtube video that left me with a smile on my face (yea right, more like laughing out loud!). To me they sound pretty good..

Hope you enjoy

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A quick look at - Organix : moroccan argan oil

Hi Lovelies,
Just thought I'd give a quick input on my first experience with a non sulphate shampoo. Argan oil seems to be one of the "hottest" ingredients to have added to your hair products, several brands have brought out and some have reformulated their product lines to include this ingredient so  I thought why not give it a try..
just remember this is my experience on how it worked on my "kinky" "coily" hair.

So my obvious first step was the shampoo

 this had a thick runny gel- like consistency, and I did not require much effort to build up a suds, when applied to wet hair. I've read of some non sulphate shampoo that don;t give much suds. But this felt to me like my regular shampoo and when rinsed out it was not "drying" or in other words my hair did not feel stripped.

I then applied my conditioner, which was very thick and somewhat creamy (had to struggle and squeeze the bottle to get the product out. It gave my hair slip, but not the kind I usually get with my Tresemme Conditioner   so my detangling/untangling of my hair with my "fake" denman brush was extremely gentle, nor did it seem to absorb much into my hair shaft, as you can see it seems to do more coating of the hair (above).

After detangling/untangling and rinsing my hair from the regular conditioner I applied the Intense Moisturising Treatment aka "deep conditioner" which was thick in consistency and "melted" or should I say it absorbed nicely into my hair. I then put on a plastic cap and sat under the dryer at medium setting for 30 minutes.
When I took off the cap, my hair felt soft, smooth and conditioned. I did not have any need to apply any extras, but you could if you wanted to.

Left: after deep conditioning treatment ; Right deep conditioning treatment rinsed out.
My Thoughts
The main deterrent for me would be the price, I find with this as well as most of the non-sulphate products you don't get much for the price. The regular conditioner would not last me much more than four uses because I do prefer to detange/untangle when my hair is wet and I needed to use quite a lot.
Shampoo and conditioner contains 385mls/13fl.oz. ;Intense Moisturising Treatment contains 237mls/8fl.oz.
 The moisturising treatment was pretty good, but would probably give me two more treatment before it was finished. The scent is not flowery, fruity or musky it just reminds me of a man, maybe a sort of cologne/aftershave scent. Which really does not bother me because the scent is not over powering nor does it last after I've included my regular hair product which includes the Luster Scurl "no drip" activator moisturiser that I've been trying out (the old formulation).  I don't really like purchasing shampoo/conditioner products every month because it messes with my budget. Especially where I have been making strong efforts to build a savings. Overall what I used, was a fairly good product and for those who don't have my concerns its not a bad buy.

Stay Lovely
my friends