Saturday, 22 June 2013

Small Haul ;c)

Hi Lovelies
been somewhat slow with my post, but I've also been feeling a little under the weather, so last Thursday while in Port of Spain, I just happened across this this new beauty supplies store, (meaning it is new to me. lol.) and kind of stepped in quickly while on my way to meet a friend..who had to call me after awhile when I did not show up at the appointed meeting place on time..
(the store is on lower Henry Street obliquely opposite the "drag mall")
It similar to a lot of the other beauty supplies in that they have varying types of wigs..

But it was pretty cool finding some of these make stuff also, the NYX you'd find at Wonderful World,  but the Nicka K was something I usually bought from a friend at work, and annabay1989 mentioned Sassilicious in a recent vid, but I'm certainly enjoying the factor that a few of these harder to find drugstore brand are becoming more easily available locally..
I'm especially enjoying Bellezza Bee higher end finds at Starlite Pharmacy

Have an enjoyable weekend everyone !!


  1. Hi sweetie!!

    I love your blog so much, and this post is so adoreable. Maybe we can follow eachother? Please let me know in a comment. xxxx

    Ramon from

    1. Hi Ramona,
      thank you for the compliment.I'm about to check out your blog.