Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Nicka K Lip Color

Above: Panama City; Below : Siesta key

Hi Lovelies, 
This is just a closer look at the lip gloss I purchased recently, I've used Nicka K lip gloss before, but would usually purchase them from a co-worker who sells a few cosmetic items at the side, unfortunately we no longer work at the same department or area so its been harder to get in touch and I'm generally not to fussy...
Anyway, when I came across these while at the hair shop I was pretty excited about the the unusual packaging, and knowing that the pigmentation on the Nicka K glosses are very good I just thought I would try these two.

Below is a look at a Super Lip Shimmer in # 12 that I had previously..

The above was obviously a squeeze tube, but the ones below have a doe foot applicator

Left: Panama city ; Right : Siesta key

I like the fact that it does not feel greasy on my lips and I figure its good as a lightweight wear for casual days at the beach or everyday wear. Its a nice lip gloss, and for some supposedly moisturising, I still recommend using a natural lip butter (I used some mango butter ) with a sun screen because this has no SPF and the first two products on its ingredient list do contain Petrolatum, Paraffinum Liquidum, then Lanolin...
The Siesta key has fine glitter and you do feel it on your lips, but the Panama city has a smoother feel on your lips. I did go back to re-purchase more but most of the bright colours were already sold out.
As far as pigmentation and packaging goes I like this product, as for ingredients its not really "green" friendly.
So if you've ever come across these glosses, this is just a closer look at them..

Happy mid week!


  1. we've never seen this brand before, but panama city is such an amazing colour!!

  2. Hi M+K
    for me this was an unknown brand until my co-worker introduced me to it, and now suddenly it seems to be popping up a lot in some of the newly opened stores.I also like wearing Panama city because of the smoother feel to my lips.
    Thanks for commenting :)