Friday, 3 May 2013

Love Me 365 - Jumbo Twist Stick

Hi my Lovelies,
      I think that I'm in lurrv...
At least, I'm in love with this jumbo twist pencils I found at Wonderful World this week, the concentration of pigmentation in the Love Me 365 Jumbo Twist Stick is a "tad" less when I compared to my L.A. Colors, but the twist up base makes it rock for me, (in other words it's totally convenient)!!
So there's no sharpening or De-potting <33


     The Jumbo Twist Stick comes in 12 colours and on the KleanColor site it cost USD$1.99 , I purchased mine locally for TTD$15. and was only able to get these colors at the time.. Cream Charcoal.Cream  Aqua, Cream Brown, and Cream Green. It has the dual function of working as as an eye shadow or eyeliner..I prefer it as a base or eyeliner, for me it would not last to long as an eyeshadow and when I checked online it unfortunately does not come in white.
     While looking around I also came across their Love Me 365 - California Sun Kissed Bronzer in 401 Sol, cost USD$2.99(locally TTD$15.) with its cute cartoon silhouette that reminded me of those BRATZ doll...yea so I believe this specific bronzer is definitely geared to a younger crowd!
Note: the Love Me 365 is a brand that is distributed by KleanColor

     For myself, I've not really played around much with bronzers but, I did think that I might try the Covergirl Bronzer in the Queen Collection but haven't come across it so far. In this particular compact, the brown gives my skin a light shimmer and would work well as a highlighter for an evening dinner as for the gold its not as loud as you would think from just looking at it, besides its just a surface colour which disappear from the compact after a few uses...

      It comes in three shades:- Sol, Estrella, Luna and the Sol was the darkest of the trio. It does blend nicely and leaves no harsh, chunky glittery appearance that is difficult to remove from your skin...
..Its lovely..

Have a Blessed Weekend Everyone!

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