Friday, 31 May 2013

Hair Journey Update..

Hi Lovelies,
I have been missing in action for a while, had some intense time keeping up with studies and exam, after which I chose to just rock back, slow down and just give myself a rest from functioning.
So just thought I would step in and give a small update on my hair this really should have been posted last month end.. :(
Decided to try on the same top to see if there was a
noticeable growth to last year..seems the same, just
a little fuller.
In the month of March I began taking vitamins to aid with my hair growth but I wandered off that pathway after about  two weeks and something, but I did see some progress with my nails (as you could probably see in my previous post my nails got pretty looong) but life has a way of creating its own plans and priorities of what is of most importance...
Ends looks dryer, and in need of a trim..
Each strand of hair or hair follicle has a life cycle which may differs from its neighboring strand, but they all do eventually go through the three stages or cycles.

The three (3) cycles are:
  1. Anagen - Growth Cycle
  2. Catagen - Transitional Cycle
  3. Telogen - Resting/Shedding Cycle
In this phase the hair strand has continuous growth which can last between 3 to 6 years. On average it can grow approximately 1/2 inch  per month but the rate and time  period upon which hair grows can vary from person to person,the growth period is usually determined by genetics.

This is the in between stage where the hair follicle prepares itself for the resting stage and this transitional state can last between 1 to 3 weeks.There is no growth, during this time, the part of the hair follicle that is embedded in the scalp surrounded by a root sheath begins to shrink up to 1/6 its former size and the strand though still embedded in the scalp is separated from the roots this is the beginning of the formation of the white bulb we usually see when the hair eventually sheds.

This is the official resting phase and can last three to four months (this can be easily seen in some women who experience post partum shedding a few months later after giving birth).At the end of this resting phase the hair then begins to shed as new growth pushes its way out to the surface and replaces the lost hair follicles.

So why this digression..the month of April 2013 is my fifth year of hair growth and my hair to me hasn't budged in growth by much, though I've seen growth in some areas of my hair, mainly the sides. My hair usually grows fastest at the back and slower at the front, added to the fact I recently trimmed close to 2 - 3 inches off the front my hair due to heat damage. I don't flat iron my hair much, but when I do it usually reverts very fast to the front and I broke my own rules by flat ironing my hair at the maximum heat setting of 450F, and passed it more than twice this  gave me straight ends which did not look good when styled in twist...sigh!

Anyway, I've been noticing long strands coming out on my wash days, most of which has the white bulb at the end, so I'm assuming I'm experiencing the telogen stage (between resting & shedding). So I did trim the ends of my hair but,I'm thinking of cutting a little higher closer to shoulder length so that my hair could grow in fuller and much more even and I do plan to restart my extra vitamin intake and get back on my elliptical..need to increase my cardio work out to speed up my arms and upper are not looking right!
 Just felt this post would be worth sharing hope it helps someone...

On our scalp and through out our entire body where hair grows, we can be experiencing any of the above  cycles during our daily life, approximately 90% of the hair is in the anagen cyle, less than 1% is in the catagen cycle and approximately 10% is in the telogen cycle

Have A Blessed Weekend Everyone!
Hope the Corpus Christi
Arrival Day Holiday
were very well spent..

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