Friday, 26 April 2013

Getting a foundation colour match..

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I was passing through Aboutique Mall in P.O.S and stopped to look at some Maybelline items on display and the makeup rep. for the company locally suggested I try the Dream Mousse foundation in Cocoa,she stated that it was a hard colour to find but that it would match my skin perfectly and that many other women had used it and loved it etc. etc. True.. I am a dark woman and with our sunlight out most of the year I am inclined to tan very easily, but unless I was planning to sit in the sun all day, that particular shade did not match my skin tone as for the amount of blending she did to match it to my hand...tut, tut*sigh* I wondered to myself what other naive person did she get away with recommending an incorrect shade!! So it is good to trust your"vibes" if you  are not comfortable with the person and the selection being made.

Foundation is a product that is usually used to create the appearance of flawless skin, it can come in the form of a cream , liquid, powder, mousse, stick or gel.Shopping for foundation can sometimes be a real pain and it can be pretty upsetting going  to the cosmetic counter and not always having the option of testers or having a sales clerk who don't know much about the item being sold.So its advisable to look out for a company representative of the product, who should test the shade along the jawline or your chest if you are one to wear foundation on your neck. Then take a walk outside in natural light to check if the colour matches your skin tone and if you're not in a hurry to purchase, while doing your normal shopping check the area in 5-10 minutes to determine if the colour has changed/oxidised on your skin.


For the undertone to show up best you can stand against a white back ground or try on a white T-shirt and  then make a determination.

  1. Cool this undertone usually burns easily in strong sun light and tend to be pinkish or have a soft red or bluish undertones
  2. Warm undertones are usually yellow and can have a peachy or golden undertones
  3. Neutral undertone tend to tan quickly, there under tone also are much more beige in colour and can sometimes show a mix of warm(yellow) and coo(pinkish)l undertone.

Another simple tip is to take a look at your veins in natural light against a white t-shirt.. if its bluish you have a cool under tone, if its greenish its warm. If its not definite then you are neutral.

So below are a few sites you can check out just in case you know your shade in one or two brands, locally here in "Trinbago" unlike what I've seen in the U.S.A with drug store items, there are no return policy so if you choose incorrectly you are stuck with your choice.

Have a fun weekend!

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