Tuesday, 30 April 2013

L.A. Colors Lip Gloss - jellie, shimmer, sparkle..

L to R: sprinkle,tangy,juicy,nude,sparkling..

Hello again Lovlies,
     The month of April has come to an end, 
and Wonderful World is having a semi annual sale, around this time you can get handbag ,hats, scarves, costume jewelry and other cosmetic accessories as well as in some branches lingerie items at discounted prices...for me it was time for stocking up on bras.
     So while fluttering around the store I came across these "pretty" looking lip glosses and thought I would try a few, they cost TTD$10. which is the usual price for most lower end lip gloss in T&T, below is a look at how they swatch..

L to R: sprinkle,tangy,juicy,nude,sparkling..

According to the description at L.A Colors they are supposed to give..


Jellie, Shimmer, and Sparkle lip gloss leaves lips with a soft natural shine. Sticky free formula with a light sweet scent glistens lips with a burst of colour. Discover your favourite shade for every mood!"

This is how they showed up on my lips..
My Thoughts

  • The gloss was definitely not sticky and did not at any time feel gritty on the lips ( especially the shimmers and sparkle). 
  • The scent reminded me of bubble gum, the kind that had the syrup flavoured centre (just can't remember the name..), which I personally liked.
  • It did leave my lips feeling moisturised.


  • The packaging was simple and the flowers are stickers that will eventually peel off with continued use and while opening the sprinkle gloss the cap along with the base lifted up when twisting to  close
  •  The colours I got were pretty nice but not strongly pigmented at least not on my lips.
     This is an item that is new to L.A Colors lip gloss collection and is probably geared towards teenagers,or makeup beginners, but would also suit ladies that like the simple look of lip glosses at an affordable price. For my use, I like this.. its not the best buy on the market but it is not a fail either!

Anyway hope everyone is having a great week

Friday, 26 April 2013

Getting a foundation colour match..

 Hi Lovelies,
just a quick ramble...

I was passing through Aboutique Mall in P.O.S and stopped to look at some Maybelline items on display and the makeup rep. for the company locally suggested I try the Dream Mousse foundation in Cocoa,she stated that it was a hard colour to find but that it would match my skin perfectly and that many other women had used it and loved it etc. etc. True.. I am a dark woman and with our sunlight out most of the year I am inclined to tan very easily, but unless I was planning to sit in the sun all day, that particular shade did not match my skin tone as for the amount of blending she did to match it to my hand...tut, tut*sigh* I wondered to myself what other naive person did she get away with recommending an incorrect shade!! So it is good to trust your"vibes" if you  are not comfortable with the person and the selection being made.

Foundation is a product that is usually used to create the appearance of flawless skin, it can come in the form of a cream , liquid, powder, mousse, stick or gel.Shopping for foundation can sometimes be a real pain and it can be pretty upsetting going  to the cosmetic counter and not always having the option of testers or having a sales clerk who don't know much about the item being sold.So its advisable to look out for a company representative of the product, who should test the shade along the jawline or your chest if you are one to wear foundation on your neck. Then take a walk outside in natural light to check if the colour matches your skin tone and if you're not in a hurry to purchase, while doing your normal shopping check the area in 5-10 minutes to determine if the colour has changed/oxidised on your skin.


For the undertone to show up best you can stand against a white back ground or try on a white T-shirt and  then make a determination.

  1. Cool this undertone usually burns easily in strong sun light and tend to be pinkish or have a soft red or bluish undertones
  2. Warm undertones are usually yellow and can have a peachy or golden undertones
  3. Neutral undertone tend to tan quickly, there under tone also are much more beige in colour and can sometimes show a mix of warm(yellow) and coo(pinkish)l undertone.

Another simple tip is to take a look at your veins in natural light against a white t-shirt.. if its bluish you have a cool under tone, if its greenish its warm. If its not definite then you are neutral.

So below are a few sites you can check out just in case you know your shade in one or two brands, locally here in "Trinbago" unlike what I've seen in the U.S.A with drug store items, there are no return policy so if you choose incorrectly you are stuck with your choice.

Have a fun weekend!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Quick show and tell - LA Colors

Just thought I'd take a quick break and finally show what the L.A Colors actually looked like on my nails, the colours are really lovely but some required three or more coats such as the first two colours(pink and orange), while the other four took two coats and the final colour which is the silver could have worked with one coat.
 I really liked the formulation the polish did not overwhelm my senses with strange chemical scents and the colour on the gold and silver were surprisingly to me very opaque, unfortunately they did not come with any label so I can't mention the colours by their names..
So if you see this at your local beauty store it is worth a try:)

Sorry it took so long..

Stay blessed my lovely people!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

My Skin care mix...;c)

Hi again my Lovelies,
I've been sort of busy this past week but I did find time when my regular body lotion finished to concoct  something a little simple for my own use...
So previously I had bought some natural skin butters from a little store called Mustapha they have a lot of natural products such as soaps, scented oils and they sell items wholesale and retail locally. its on Prince Street  in Port of Spain but besides the Mango butter, a lot of the other items can be bought elsewhere.

 So for the items I used:-

  • 1 block cocoa butter
  • 1 8oz. jar Shea butter
  • 1 16oz. jar mango butter
  • coconut oil
  • scented oil(of your choice)

I emptied half the container of Shea butter, Cocoa butter (block form) and the  3/4 of the tub of Mango butter.
Placed the item in a metal bowl and placed on a pot with boiling water and stirred and waited for the contents to melt. Can use a double boiler pot if you've got one.
 (Also with the lovely hot weather we've been having you could probably leave it outside in a covered bowl and the contents would be melted!)
 Anyway when the items were melted and mixed completely I placed it in the the refrigerator so it could become a bit semi solid(this took between 10-20 minutes), but placing it in the freezer would work faster
I then took it out and placed my finger in to test that it was not still in a liquid state at the bottom(it looked off-white)
Took out my hand mixer to give it a whip, added my scented oil and since some parts were harder than some I added just a tiny bit of the coconut oil when needed for a smoother mix.

This mix gave me a soft fluffy/creamy texture 
Cocoa Butter, also called Cacao butter has been used for centuries to keep skin soft and smooth.  It is one of the most stable, highly concentrated natural fats known, and melts at body temperature so that it is readily absorbed into the skin.  Pregnant women have used varying mixtures of cocoa butter formulations to prevent and treat stretch marks.

African Shea Butter it is used in the treatment of dry skin, eczema, and minor burns.
 It gives pain relief from swelling and arthritis.
 Improves muscle relaxation and stiffness.
 Sunscreen, due to its rich content of vitamins E & F.
 Treats dark spots, skin discolourations, stretch marks,
wrinkles and blemishes.
 Massages, diaper rash, and as a hair conditioner.(SOURCE)

Mango Butter is a tropical butter similar in composition to Cocoa and Shea butter, it has a protective effect against UV radiation.Effectively treats dry skin, heals skin rash,heals skin peeling, after tanning
 heals sunburn,shaving cream for a smooth shave. Treats small skin wounds and skin cracks
 Moisturises and smooths tough or
rough skin, fights frost bite, prevents stretch marks during
pregnancy. Heals muscle fatigue, aches and tension, treats eczema and dermatitis
 Fights off fine lines and wrinkles


As no water was added to this mixture the problem of it going bad is unlikely, but you can always add your vitamin E oil, which is a natural preservative if it makes you comfortable. The coconut oil I used is not the one used for cooking, but for massaging the body or the lighting of deya in hindu celebrations. So its similar to the homemade one..it just don't smell as nice as when you make it yourself. 

Disclaimer this mixture can be combined  and mixed with other oils or butters in so many ways, however you chose to make this is based on your own personal preference so go forth and have fun, this was just my way of doing things.

Happy concoction making!!


Saturday, 6 April 2013

Oil La Santé

This is one month of usage

Hi my lovelies,

In a post I made awhile back, I wrote of my need to get an alternative night time skin moisturizer and I've been on the hunt looking at various product and how they work on the skin..there were a few good stuff available locally, but more choices online. I wanted something easily available and within a similar price range to the Clean and Clear Night (which was approxTTD.$44.), so while viewing one of our local Youtuber named Danielle,back in February she spoke of her skincare regimen using oils to moisturise and balance her skin, and her choice of oils were between coconut oil & olive oil but you need to check out her skin care video to see how well these products work for her (SHE HAS LOVELY SKIN), and is also a makeup artist, so to view the specific video  CLICK HERE, her channel is called BlankCanvasMakeup 
So while in Port of Spain hanging out with my very good friend and speaking about skincare, vitamins and stuff, I stepped into a pharmacy and while waiting to cash I saw this product lined up next to the Bio Oil and decided to step out of the line to read its description

It claims are:-

  •  Formulated for all skin types
  • Helps smooth the skin
  • Moisturises & protects
  • Restores the skin's natural balance
Oil La Santé is the experts' skincare solution to reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks and ageing skin. Its formula moisturises and soothes. For optimum protection, it is enriched with antioxidant and anti-pollutant agents.

Oil La Santé contains the unique ingredient

  • PurCellin Oil
  • Vitamin A & E
  • Calendula
  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Chamomile Oils
Contain no preservatives.It is suitable for all skin types. It is non-greasy and non-staining.

      So this bottle of oil was supposed to do all these fantastic things and still find a way to assist with balancing my skin (cool). Generally I'm a sceptic and the fact that it was lined up next to the Bio Oil and seemed to "tout" similar properties. I thought it would probably be inferior in performance but I did like the price. The pricing  was drastically different from the Bio Oil which came in various sizes and the price range I saw at the pharmacy was above TTD $100. Anyway the Oil la Santé came in one size and was priced at TTD$60.40, so I bought two and gave one to my friend, who was waiting outside and asked her to give me her feedback on the item due to the fact that she had already tried the Bio Oil recently.
      When I checked my friend a month later,(she has dry skin), she preferred the Bio Oil for her skin type due to the fact that the texture of the oil was heavier in consistency and remained on her skin longer giving her face a dewy appearance, while the Oil La Santé felt silky and lighter(less oily) and but did not seem to hydrate her skin as much, but would need to use it longer to see how it worked on her scars and stretch marks.
      I also used this item for the past month and I have combination skin (oily/ normal) and the oily areas of my skin where the pores were very noticeable, seemed to appear smaller along my forehead and along the skin that slants away from the side of my nose to the cheek area appeared smaller, but is still noticeable, the oiliness is still apparent but I have noticed a difference in my skin texture. When applied the oil absorbed very easily into my skin and left it feeling moisturized but not oily, my skin also appeared more even toned, and I really do enjoy massaging this oil into my skin.
     In my experience the product has shown itself to be working for me, and is easily available locally, unfortunately when I checked online, its Facebook page seems little used and not updated and the website www.lamarnatural.com which is written on the box, does not show this product in their lineup...
 My plan was to try the Bio Oil just to state the differences from my own experience, but while shopping at Pennywise yesterday I observed the Oil La Santé 

  1.  The oil to be cheaper than at the pharmacy and  
  2. They had it packaged together in a special...

So you can guess what I did..

Links to purchase this product online:-



Hope this little review/experience will help anyone who ever saw this product and wondered?!!
Enjoy your weekend everyone