Friday, 22 March 2013

L.A.Colors Value Kit; L.A. Girl Precious Jewel lipstick...

Just saying hello again to my lovely people,
and just sharing with you two more items from my recent haul/purchases a look at the L.A Colors 10 color eyeshadow  CP215 in Sand Castle and L.A. Girl Precious Jewel lipsticks in GLC506 Melon and GLC516 Cranberries..
Lets start with the lipstick:-
              On their website it is said to

 "Enhance your lips with these smooth color rich lipsticks.
 Each is formulated with extreme shimmer for a diamond like shine, that is sure to enhance your lip's natural beauty."
Left::GLC516 Cranberries;  GLC506 Melon  
The texture seems as creamy as those from their L.A Girl creme line, with a hint of does not go on glitzy on the lips. It is very pigmented but because of its creamy texture it may tend to bleed a little at the lip line and would definitely need to be re-applied after a meal or snack (the use of a lip-liner throughout the lips or a lip primer/concealer would give it greater longevity). It has a light fragrant scent that may or may not appealing to some people. The one downfall to this lipstick, is that unlike their creme line when the safety label is removed you're at a loss as to the name/colour code of the product.
Top: Cranberry; Bottom: Melon
The L.A. Color came packaged in a tiny zip lock type bag and was securely wrapped within the packaging with transparent tamper proof plastic. This 10 color eyeshadow value kit was not available at the L.A Colors website but was found at the Cherry Culture website under LA Colors Pouch Value kit for $2USD, unfortunately when I checked most items were out of stock:c(.
Most of the colours were matte except for the two above on the right and the one in the middle,bottom row. They were also pigmented. I used an eyeshadow brush to apply the swatches on my arm and it applied easily and was not to chalky as some matte eyeshadow tend to be and no base..

Decided to apply eyeshadow to my eyes using my usual stuff.. the Elf primer to prevent creasing, NYX white base to give a greater "pop" to the colours..

So this was the final result..

Hoping that this was helpful, have a great weekend everyone!!



  1. I like the melon shade of the lipstick, beautiful lips!

    Lots of Luv from Sam (Ruth)
    i'm following you :)
    Please check out my blog and follow if you like :)

  2. Hi, thank u Sam! I'll definitely be checking out your blog:)

  3. I have one and I love this palette it´s very pigment, and have beautyful colors, and very cheap.

    1. Pigmented yea!It was a schwweet cheap deal!!;)

  4. thanks for the great review. I have several of these palettes and I LOVE them. How could you go wrong for the price. Love the way the eye shadow looks on you.