Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Just a Health thought..

Hi my lovely people,
 last year I had promised myself to use cosmetic safe items, with the rise of illness related to varying types of cancers and other strange neurological diseases worldwide it has slowly lead me to the belief that prevention is better than cure. For myself, I know I've not been as successful as I would like..with impulsive shopping and learning of new "questionable" ingredients in some products, trying to memorize and keep to the straight and narrow has been very difficult :c(

Unless i plan to become a home chemist and make my own beauty products; stop purchasing beauty products;or spend a large percentage of my salary on high end products not readily available in my country the few non toxic type products are proving to be rather expensive..
Most of the affordable items that claim to be natural, do contain ingredients that it would be wise to avoid or just reduce your usage, so recently I stopped of and purchased a few skin care items to replace some of my usual stuff..sadly I can't afford to throw out all the items that I find questionable...

so its one step at a time for me..

To view some known and verified toxins in beauty products please take a look at this website below:- http://www.natural-skincare-authority.com/

Top 10 Toxins in your:skin moisturiser
                                      face moisturiser
                                      lip balm
                                      body wash

Good luck on doing some of your own research

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