Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A Santee and BeautyTreats 24 colour Makeup Palette

Hi lovelies, one of the above palette has been selling out fast since one of our local You tuber brought it to our attention...but here is just my initial intro to BeautyTreats..
     I remember awhile back, two good friends of mine paid me a visit and we were all chatting about this and that, when the talk swung to affordable makeup. I bought out mines*mainly Profusion and Arista* and we were all trying out different looks and dabbling in each other makeup.
    One person had a  BeautyTreats palette in her make up bag which she brought out, but I was sorely disappointed with the colour pay off of this kit. The palette itself was neatly packaged and colours "appeared" lovely and "eye catching", but the pigmentation was very poor, so I was never tempted to purchase any palette from this line.. until Roannavm did an initial review on her channel, the swatches she got and the fact that it was matte and affordable sent me in search of this new BeautyTreats 24 colour matte .
 I found mines at Pennywise in P.O.S and this is how it swatches...

Compared to what I had initally seen with my friend, the color pigmentation in this BeautyTreats palette have since improved greatly, but I would definitely recommend a primer and/ or base with this to get longevity and truer colour impact..

I also decided to pick up the Santee 24 colour makeup palette, which appeared to be a mixture of satin and matte colours, and down below is how this swatches...

The Santee colours showed up nicely and true to colour, but it was not super pigmented and as the BeautyTreats would do well on top of a base or primer

Overall I'm satisfied with my "affordable"  purchases and will eventually use these palettes to do a future look

Santee TTD $29.95  Link
BeautyTreats TTD $34.95  Link

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