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A Few Supplements that may Improve Hair Growth..

     Hi lovely people, its been a little while since I've mentioned anything about hair so I thought I would give a little update on whats going on with my own hair regimen...
 Last year with all the focus on school, work and life in general, following a strict hair care regimen was the least of my priority__no my hair did not fall off!__ it just did not thrive as much. I also haven't flat ironed in a while but the few times I did, I noticed that when I wore my hair in a twist the ends remained straight so I cut off the ends that seemed permanently straight from my "experimenting" with extra high temperatures (above 380 Fahrenheit *hoping to prevent my hair reverting quickly*) on my flat iron. So while perusing Youtube I came across this video and was intrigued by Priceless Love method for maximising her own hair growth...

You can check out her you tube tube channel as well CLICK HERE 

Also known as Vitamin H or Vitamin B7, is a water soluble vitamin found naturally in the body in minute amounts and is available in various foods. It is utilised as part of the B-complex, to increase/speed up your body metabolism by converting carbohydrates in foods into energy, it promotes the production of fatty acids, metabolism of fats, and amino acids (so it can assist with weight loss). It is rare to suffer from  any deficiency, but the lack of this has been observed to cause  fatigue, insomnia, dry scaly skin,  hair loss and brittle nails.
In some topical medication when combined with zinc, it has been shown to assist with hair growth caused by alopecia. According to the research done at the University of Maryland Biotin, promotes cell renewal and is most often recommended for the strengthening of nails and hair growth. 
Biotin can be found in various unprocessed food such as whole grains, peas and beans (legumes),brewer's yeast, almonds, peanuts, pecans, walnuts,  bananas,  cauliflower, mushrooms and also milk and egg yolk.

This is an organic sulfonyl sulphur compound found in plants,fresh fruits and vegetables it is usually used alongside other supplements(such as glucosamine and chondroitin.) for arthritis because of its ability to repair or replace damaged tissue cells within the cartilage, tendons, and ligaments .  It is a type of sulphur which is easily absorbed and is found naturally within the human body in small amounts. The sulphur works to detoxify our body and as for hair growth it helps the body to form keratin, the protein that makes up the main part of the outermost layers of our hair and nails. It is very important that when taking MSM that our water intake increases to help flush out toxins or you may experience acne break out. One possible effect of MSM is it has been theorised that it may increase the rate of hair growth by lengthening the growth phase (or anagen phase) of the hair cycle. The life cycle of our hair consists of three phases: growing, resting, and shedding. If growth phase last one year and your hair grows at an average of 1/2 inch a month at the end of twelve months you would get about 6 inches of newgrowth before your hair goes into the "resting phase"  versus another person whose growth phase is about two years who would get 12 inches continuous growth before entering the rest phase. Our hair growth is usually predetermined by genetics but MSM is believed to extend the growth phase.(The above growth phase example is just hypothetical).   

Horsetail (Equisetum arvense)

This is a herbal plant that contains silicon, as well as significant levels of the minerals potassium, manganese and selenium which is known to encourage hair growth. Some other benefits of the silica in horsetail is it helps to fix calcium, so that the body can store more of it. This supplement is known to assist the body in the formation of stronger bones and tendons, it also helps form the collagen in skin.
For persons on heart medication, advice from a physician should be sought as it can affect the electrolyte balance in the body and can lower the level of vitamin B1(thiamine) if used over a long period or if too much alcohol is consumed while on Horsetail.It can alternatively also be used for hair growth when mixed in a hair formulation and applied topically.

In this video she recommended or preferred to use the pure silica unfortunately for me most of the pharmacy I checked did not include this in their regular stock locally.

With the use of any supplement an increase in  water intake is always advisable and the use of Vitamin C usually helps with absorption. I've included this into my own regime as of this month and if I notice anything different I'll mention it in a future post


To learn more about healthy and natural food sources CLICK HERE

Disclaimer: As with any other multivitamin or supplement please do not exceed the recommended dosage given on the container unless otherwise advised by your physician. 

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