Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Just a Health thought..

Hi my lovely people,
 last year I had promised myself to use cosmetic safe items, with the rise of illness related to varying types of cancers and other strange neurological diseases worldwide it has slowly lead me to the belief that prevention is better than cure. For myself, I know I've not been as successful as I would like..with impulsive shopping and learning of new "questionable" ingredients in some products, trying to memorize and keep to the straight and narrow has been very difficult :c(

Unless i plan to become a home chemist and make my own beauty products; stop purchasing beauty products;or spend a large percentage of my salary on high end products not readily available in my country the few non toxic type products are proving to be rather expensive..
Most of the affordable items that claim to be natural, do contain ingredients that it would be wise to avoid or just reduce your usage, so recently I stopped of and purchased a few skin care items to replace some of my usual stuff..sadly I can't afford to throw out all the items that I find questionable...

so its one step at a time for me..

To view some known and verified toxins in beauty products please take a look at this website below:- http://www.natural-skincare-authority.com/

Top 10 Toxins in your:skin moisturiser
                                      face moisturiser
                                      lip balm
                                      body wash

Good luck on doing some of your own research

Friday, 22 March 2013

L.A.Colors Value Kit; L.A. Girl Precious Jewel lipstick...

Just saying hello again to my lovely people,
and just sharing with you two more items from my recent haul/purchases a look at the L.A Colors 10 color eyeshadow  CP215 in Sand Castle and L.A. Girl Precious Jewel lipsticks in GLC506 Melon and GLC516 Cranberries..
Lets start with the lipstick:-
              On their website it is said to

 "Enhance your lips with these smooth color rich lipsticks.
 Each is formulated with extreme shimmer for a diamond like shine, that is sure to enhance your lip's natural beauty."
Left::GLC516 Cranberries;  GLC506 Melon  
The texture seems as creamy as those from their L.A Girl creme line, with a hint of shimmer..it does not go on glitzy on the lips. It is very pigmented but because of its creamy texture it may tend to bleed a little at the lip line and would definitely need to be re-applied after a meal or snack (the use of a lip-liner throughout the lips or a lip primer/concealer would give it greater longevity). It has a light fragrant scent that may or may not appealing to some people. The one downfall to this lipstick, is that unlike their creme line when the safety label is removed you're at a loss as to the name/colour code of the product.
Top: Cranberry; Bottom: Melon
The L.A. Color came packaged in a tiny zip lock type bag and was securely wrapped within the packaging with transparent tamper proof plastic. This 10 color eyeshadow value kit was not available at the L.A Colors website but was found at the Cherry Culture website under LA Colors Pouch Value kit for $2USD, unfortunately when I checked most items were out of stock:c(.
Most of the colours were matte except for the two above on the right and the one in the middle,bottom row. They were also pigmented. I used an eyeshadow brush to apply the swatches on my arm and it applied easily and was not to chalky as some matte eyeshadow tend to be and no base..

Decided to apply eyeshadow to my eyes using my usual stuff.. the Elf primer to prevent creasing, NYX white base to give a greater "pop" to the colours..

So this was the final result..

Hoping that this was helpful, have a great weekend everyone!!


Thursday, 21 March 2013

Kleancolor Nail Duo..

Hi lovely people.
the midweek has passed and its the count down to hopefully a great weekend for all. So just thought I'd throw in my simple experimentation with free-hand nail art (more like nail dabble!!), using the Kleancolor Nail Duo in Witty, that I recently purchased up in my small haul..

On one side you get a fine tip nail art brush and on the other end you get your regular nail polish brush..
So below is a look at the basic nail polish with a topcoat applied..

I then took my little dotting tool I got from the L.A.Girl Polka Dot nail collection and added a single pink dot on each nail from a Jordana nail polish in 954 Pink Party

The final look is what I got below while trying to create some simple petals..

Overall this was a fun kit to play around with, especially for a nail art novice like myself. I liked the convenient colour combo and affordable pricing and I seriously would not mind repurchasing another at  $12TTD.


Saturday, 16 March 2013

Small Haul - Wonderful World

Hello my lovelies,
                              while at the mall topping up on fish food and a few household necessities, I decided to do stop off at Wonderful World and check out a few items.. I saw a few of the MILANI SHADOW EYEZ 12 HR WEAR , eye shadow pencils but decided against this and purchased the few items listed below instead

LA Girl lipsticks in  Melon and Cranberry
LA Color 10 colour eyeshadow value kit
Kleancolor nail lacquer in Hollow Yellow
Kleancolor Love Me 365 Nail Duo (nail art & nail polish)
Ruby Kisses HD set'n forget powder in Earth (will try for a the under eye highlight look)

There were a few L.A, Colors mini nail polish sets, notably the Ombre nail kit but decided to go with there Color Craze set which is also toulene,formaldehyde & DBP free and has colors reminescent of there mini bright Color Craze I had bought awhile back.
The Kleancolor do contain the formaldehyde in the form of Tosylamide/Formaldehyde Resin 
which according to the American FDA (Food and Drug Administration) meets there safety standard. Click Here.

I will try a little demo of the few items in some future post..
Hoping everyone is having an enjoyable weekend


Saturday, 9 March 2013

A Few Supplements that may Improve Hair Growth..

     Hi lovely people, its been a little while since I've mentioned anything about hair so I thought I would give a little update on whats going on with my own hair regimen...
 Last year with all the focus on school, work and life in general, following a strict hair care regimen was the least of my priority__no my hair did not fall off!__ it just did not thrive as much. I also haven't flat ironed in a while but the few times I did, I noticed that when I wore my hair in a twist the ends remained straight so I cut off the ends that seemed permanently straight from my "experimenting" with extra high temperatures (above 380 Fahrenheit *hoping to prevent my hair reverting quickly*) on my flat iron. So while perusing Youtube I came across this video and was intrigued by Priceless Love method for maximising her own hair growth...

You can check out her you tube tube channel as well CLICK HERE 

Also known as Vitamin H or Vitamin B7, is a water soluble vitamin found naturally in the body in minute amounts and is available in various foods. It is utilised as part of the B-complex, to increase/speed up your body metabolism by converting carbohydrates in foods into energy, it promotes the production of fatty acids, metabolism of fats, and amino acids (so it can assist with weight loss). It is rare to suffer from  any deficiency, but the lack of this has been observed to cause  fatigue, insomnia, dry scaly skin,  hair loss and brittle nails.
In some topical medication when combined with zinc, it has been shown to assist with hair growth caused by alopecia. According to the research done at the University of Maryland Biotin, promotes cell renewal and is most often recommended for the strengthening of nails and hair growth. 
Biotin can be found in various unprocessed food such as whole grains, peas and beans (legumes),brewer's yeast, almonds, peanuts, pecans, walnuts,  bananas,  cauliflower, mushrooms and also milk and egg yolk.

This is an organic sulfonyl sulphur compound found in plants,fresh fruits and vegetables it is usually used alongside other supplements(such as glucosamine and chondroitin.) for arthritis because of its ability to repair or replace damaged tissue cells within the cartilage, tendons, and ligaments .  It is a type of sulphur which is easily absorbed and is found naturally within the human body in small amounts. The sulphur works to detoxify our body and as for hair growth it helps the body to form keratin, the protein that makes up the main part of the outermost layers of our hair and nails. It is very important that when taking MSM that our water intake increases to help flush out toxins or you may experience acne break out. One possible effect of MSM is it has been theorised that it may increase the rate of hair growth by lengthening the growth phase (or anagen phase) of the hair cycle. The life cycle of our hair consists of three phases: growing, resting, and shedding. If growth phase last one year and your hair grows at an average of 1/2 inch a month at the end of twelve months you would get about 6 inches of newgrowth before your hair goes into the "resting phase"  versus another person whose growth phase is about two years who would get 12 inches continuous growth before entering the rest phase. Our hair growth is usually predetermined by genetics but MSM is believed to extend the growth phase.(The above growth phase example is just hypothetical).   

Horsetail (Equisetum arvense)

This is a herbal plant that contains silicon, as well as significant levels of the minerals potassium, manganese and selenium which is known to encourage hair growth. Some other benefits of the silica in horsetail is it helps to fix calcium, so that the body can store more of it. This supplement is known to assist the body in the formation of stronger bones and tendons, it also helps form the collagen in skin.
For persons on heart medication, advice from a physician should be sought as it can affect the electrolyte balance in the body and can lower the level of vitamin B1(thiamine) if used over a long period or if too much alcohol is consumed while on Horsetail.It can alternatively also be used for hair growth when mixed in a hair formulation and applied topically.

In this video she recommended or preferred to use the pure silica unfortunately for me most of the pharmacy I checked did not include this in their regular stock locally.

With the use of any supplement an increase in  water intake is always advisable and the use of Vitamin C usually helps with absorption. I've included this into my own regime as of this month and if I notice anything different I'll mention it in a future post


To learn more about healthy and natural food sources CLICK HERE

Disclaimer: As with any other multivitamin or supplement please do not exceed the recommended dosage given on the container unless otherwise advised by your physician. 

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A Santee and BeautyTreats 24 colour Makeup Palette

Hi lovelies, one of the above palette has been selling out fast since one of our local You tuber brought it to our attention...but here is just my initial intro to BeautyTreats..
     I remember awhile back, two good friends of mine paid me a visit and we were all chatting about this and that, when the talk swung to affordable makeup. I bought out mines*mainly Profusion and Arista* and we were all trying out different looks and dabbling in each other makeup.
    One person had a  BeautyTreats palette in her make up bag which she brought out, but I was sorely disappointed with the colour pay off of this kit. The palette itself was neatly packaged and colours "appeared" lovely and "eye catching", but the pigmentation was very poor, so I was never tempted to purchase any palette from this line.. until Roannavm did an initial review on her channel, the swatches she got and the fact that it was matte and affordable sent me in search of this new BeautyTreats 24 colour matte .
 I found mines at Pennywise in P.O.S and this is how it swatches...

Compared to what I had initally seen with my friend, the color pigmentation in this BeautyTreats palette have since improved greatly, but I would definitely recommend a primer and/ or base with this to get longevity and truer colour impact..

I also decided to pick up the Santee 24 colour makeup palette, which appeared to be a mixture of satin and matte colours, and down below is how this swatches...

The Santee colours showed up nicely and true to colour, but it was not super pigmented and as the BeautyTreats would do well on top of a base or primer

Overall I'm satisfied with my "affordable"  purchases and will eventually use these palettes to do a future look

Santee TTD $29.95  Link
BeautyTreats TTD $34.95  Link