Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Simple Valentines Day look..

     So its Valentines Day tomorrow, for some its time to celebrate with that special someone for others its a time recovery, while there are also the few who are still searching...Regardless of where you stand in the mix of things, love and appreciation should not only be shown for one day in the year,but celebrated daily in the simple things you remember to do for your loved ones, without being asked...

 Usually, I don't wear much makeup on a regular, but thought that it would be cute to try a new look for that day and share this color combo

     Touch of pink, and I did mix it a bit with the darker pink to give it a deeper pink look

   Used a touch of the burnt orange along the crease area

       Added a touch of chocolate brown to the outer V

      Brow bone was highlighted using the pale yellow...

This look was done using my old Sacha fourteen colour palette, but feel free to use whatever similar colours in your own palette,  presently the packaging has changed up a bit for Sacha and seems only available locally, because it did not show up on there website..

Finished  look

Hope you like the look
wishing everyone
Happy Valentines

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