Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Just a reflective post ...and Happy 2013

     2012 was such a strange year for me, as well as for a couple of close friends, with many twist and turns, and lots of unexpected lessons learnt .. with friends and sometimes foes, entering and leaving your life a little richer and with newer understanding.
      I've finally come to learn that I need to take time to find my quiet place inside where I seek the stillness within and listen to know, that inner voice that sometimes warn you that you've jumped off track.
       But I feel blessed to see another year and constantly try to remind myself, that each day that I open my eyes from sleep, that life is not promised to me; thereby I need to thank the 
Heavenly Creator...
     Take time to live in the moment and enjoy the time I spend with friends and family, and also the people I've met while walking along this road of hopefully 2013 will be a year for greater enlightenment both for myself and others who continue to share this heartfelt journey in 2013... 

I know I'm a bit late...

Just wishing everyone a blessed and inspired new year!


  1. Happy New Year Ana!!! All the best for 2013, may this year be a year of favour!