Saturday, 8 December 2012

Magical Makeup : Party Girl Palette

      Hi, I know I've been missing in action but thought I would stop in to say hello and share my thoughts .. while watching one of our local youtuber yannibyrdable earlier in the week I learnt about the closing down sale of  one of my favorite cosmetic booth Magical Makeup (its where I bought my first bh cosmetic 120 palette).
      There was other cosmetic items such as the lip tars, ambrosia eye base, e.l.f  so its worth stopping out at Trincity Mall to check out the other items priced at 50% of the regular price. So I just bought myself the will be sad to see another small business go, the shopping there was really convenient  and the hassle to not shop online was what I really appreciated the most, but I wish them the best in whatever venture they may choose to go after...

     On both the box and the actual palette the ingredients are listed as well as instructions to use a primer which would allow your colours to last longer..
Sad to say my camera don't pick up the wording to clearly :c(

The colours when applied are very true to colour and pigmented as is per usual with bh cosmetics and though I probably did not really need another palette this neat limited edition palette certainly has a much more travel friendly size  than its other larger "siblings"

      There are a variety of greens in this palette that I like, a few matte and satin shades with maybe one shimmer..overall I think its a gorgeous colour combo and though my camera seems to not pick up the true brightness, below are just a few swatches of what it looks like without a base or primer..

online site: bh cosmetics
                        price:USD $17.95   sale:USD $10.00

                  Amazon USD $11.00

                  Amazon (UK) 19.99

locally: at Magical Makeup while stock lasts
            was TT$200. now TT$100.

Hope everyone is having an enjoyable weekend
its raining right about now
"showers of blessing?"


  1. are you serious? they are closing down! oh no! anywa hope you enjoy ur new palette

  2. Beenluving my palette...but the closing down of there store is a real bummer :(

  3. i realized cause i went to buy around mothers day and they were gone :'(

    1. I'll miss them too, I enjoyed being able to survey,choose and carry home my items..yes the joys of instant gratification..sigh!