Sunday, 28 October 2012

A quick look at L.A. COLORS Jumbo Eye Pencils..

     Hi everyone, sorry I haven't written any blog post in quite a while but its been a hectic/crazy month for me.. its the month of my mother's passing and its also been a year since I've been  here ..but anyway just thought I would pop in!!

      So my interest for colorful eye shadow pencils was recently re-awakened, while at Wonderful World. I decided to try out their L.A. Colors jumbo eye pencil. The sales clerk also mentioned that they stock the NYX jumbo pencil as well, and though I am a fan of a couple NYX products I'm also a stickler for budget friendly items and the price  difference between the NYX and L.A. Colors eye pencil was quite noticeable to my here's a look at the few colours that were available and securely wrapped at the time...(it seems to be a fast seller!)


 There are 24 colours in all and they came in a sealed wrapper around the cover and 1/4 body of the pencil, and if you observe carefully you would notice that the point in the shade called relaxation seems pushed out a bit.. at the time I did notice but it was sealed! So when I got home thinking it was a screw cap like the Revlon Just Bittten Kissable Balm Stain I was sadly disappointed to realize that this was not the case with this particular'll need to sharpen!!
so below are the swatches..

beach resort seems to have a bluish-green undertone (middle colour)

     Most of the colours I chose, sand castle, spring, beach resort, relaxation had a bit of shimmer, except for the limeade (the green) which was matte. The texture of the product is sort of waxy/creamy and can really work as an eyeshadow/eyeliner but for me I figure I could use them as colour base for certain looks I may want to try. Locally it cost TT$10.00 but it can also be bought at CHERRY CULTURE for USD $1.75

This month I was also fortunate enough to get my hands on the SLEEKMAKEUP face contour kit, they generally carry three basic shade/type. Light, medium and dark. I obviously got mines in dark!

Here's a close view of it...

This product I believe can be used on any skin shade, its all about choosing the right shade and how you apply it and I like that its  a small and convenient kit, easy for travel. On the site it cost USD$8.49.
I bought mine from a local makeup artist called Juanita Dowden she has a little store in Chaguanas called Chrissy Cottage,and supplies bridal and other makeup items, but I also read of  another local seller from another local blogger Bellezza Bee
Once you click the link to their pages you'll get further info...

The contour kit also came with a little pamphlet that shows the areas you can contour on your face 

Anyway, hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and are fully energized for the work week ahead <33
Bye for now


  1. The LA Color pencils look pretty pigmented, will have to check them out

  2. Hi Jill, they really are, I just try to not do an over load when I wear it as an eyeliner! hope u like it<3