Sunday, 28 October 2012

A quick look at L.A. COLORS Jumbo Eye Pencils..

     Hi everyone, sorry I haven't written any blog post in quite a while but its been a hectic/crazy month for me.. its the month of my mother's passing and its also been a year since I've been  here ..but anyway just thought I would pop in!!

      So my interest for colorful eye shadow pencils was recently re-awakened, while at Wonderful World. I decided to try out their L.A. Colors jumbo eye pencil. The sales clerk also mentioned that they stock the NYX jumbo pencil as well, and though I am a fan of a couple NYX products I'm also a stickler for budget friendly items and the price  difference between the NYX and L.A. Colors eye pencil was quite noticeable to my here's a look at the few colours that were available and securely wrapped at the time...(it seems to be a fast seller!)


 There are 24 colours in all and they came in a sealed wrapper around the cover and 1/4 body of the pencil, and if you observe carefully you would notice that the point in the shade called relaxation seems pushed out a bit.. at the time I did notice but it was sealed! So when I got home thinking it was a screw cap like the Revlon Just Bittten Kissable Balm Stain I was sadly disappointed to realize that this was not the case with this particular'll need to sharpen!!
so below are the swatches..

beach resort seems to have a bluish-green undertone (middle colour)

     Most of the colours I chose, sand castle, spring, beach resort, relaxation had a bit of shimmer, except for the limeade (the green) which was matte. The texture of the product is sort of waxy/creamy and can really work as an eyeshadow/eyeliner but for me I figure I could use them as colour base for certain looks I may want to try. Locally it cost TT$10.00 but it can also be bought at CHERRY CULTURE for USD $1.75

This month I was also fortunate enough to get my hands on the SLEEKMAKEUP face contour kit, they generally carry three basic shade/type. Light, medium and dark. I obviously got mines in dark!

Here's a close view of it...

This product I believe can be used on any skin shade, its all about choosing the right shade and how you apply it and I like that its  a small and convenient kit, easy for travel. On the site it cost USD$8.49.
I bought mine from a local makeup artist called Juanita Dowden she has a little store in Chaguanas called Chrissy Cottage,and supplies bridal and other makeup items, but I also read of  another local seller from another local blogger Bellezza Bee
Once you click the link to their pages you'll get further info...

The contour kit also came with a little pamphlet that shows the areas you can contour on your face 

Anyway, hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and are fully energized for the work week ahead <33
Bye for now

Monday, 1 October 2012

Fighting the "oilies"

     I have really been fascinated with trying out items that are able to control my oily T-zone and while browsing around Wonderful World I decided to try out Ruby Kisses HD SETn'FORGT setting powder..according to the packaging its supposed to give 16hrs flawless rub proof wear

I like the packaging, no worries of the product spilling all over and you can shake only what you want to use

     Honestly speaking this item works amazingly well, it applies on smoothly and seems to blur out my large pore spaces along the sides of my nose.When applied on top of my foundation there is no problem of "melting" and my blush remains intact. They have at least four shades, one of which is a Banana shade which has been compared to the Ben Nye luxury powder in Banana that Kim Kadashian makeup artist has made famous for use of setting her under eye concealer, unfortunately none was available at the time...

     Another favorite of mine is the NYX Shine Killer in SK01,  according to its packaging its a "Professional potion to eliminate the look of oil and shine so your face stays matte and fresh all day long"
Ingredientes: Dimethicone/Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Cyclopentasiloxane, Silica, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Butylparaben, Propylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Tocopheryl Acetate

Its 20ml and Cruelty Free (-_-) animals harmed.

This product is clear gel which disappears into the skin quickly when applied leaving a smooth matte surface to apply your foundation. You don't feel it on your skin, instead all you see is the result and your skin can breathe..totally lightweight and non-oily!
Really enjoying this one.

The rice powder comes in four sizes and you don't need to cake it on to get the full effects

My third oil control favourite is the Halener Rustique rice powder, this can be applied to skin without a foundation for a matte appearance or after you apply your foundation..
I have been using the black opal oil control powder for years now and yes it does its thing but this little powder out performs it on my skin...and that is saying a lot ~because I do not live nor work in an air conditioned environment!~

You just need a little and although the powder is white, it is very finely milled and blends into your skin without giving you that "ashy/ghostly" appearance.

So these have been my favourite oil control products of late.
Hoping everyone has a blessed week ahead :c)

If you wan to try the items mentioned they can be found at:

or locally you can get the first two items at Wonderful World