Friday, 21 September 2012

NYX Nude on Nude

So last month while debating on whether to try out our local glitzy glam bag I spent a lot of time viewing the site for Halener Rustique and came across their Urban decay selection, they carry both the Naked 1 & 2 palette which is a very popular though pricey brand (both here and abroad), and I decided  as  my school semester is about to start that I may as well try my hand at the more affordable and popular NYX  Nude on Nude palette which also came with lip colours...

It came neatly packaged in bubble wrap and this is what the colours looked like when opened..

So as you can see, it came with 20 beautiful neutral shades and ten varying pink lip shades...

These shadows were applied to my skin without a base or primer...

The Shadows
The colours seemed a bit more cool than warm... there was a mixture of semi matte to a somewhat
"pearlescent" glow, so there was no chunky or overly shimmery colours. It was soft and picked up easily with my makeup brush. Some colours seemed similar at first but the undertones are different and shows up better in real life. The shadows blended nicely and though there was not too many overly dark  shades I believe you could still get a suitable daylight smoky look for your every work or school look.

The Lip Colours
A lot of the colour are that pale pink which I figure would probably show up well on someone with less pigmentation to their lips than my own or for those who like putting in the extra effort of neutralising their lips with concealer/primer/foundation etc.. but the few deeper shades like the three darker shades of pink and the orange/red are likely to be, my go to colours for this lip palette.

My overall view is, this is a very beautiful and compact palette suitable for travel, the colours are definitely suited for the every day look, especially in the work or school environment where people tend to catch a "fit" if they figure you have on too much colour on your eyes and I'm just liking the fact that you can get that finished effortless look without looking like you tried to hard.

This item can be bought locally at  Halener Rustique, they also offer a few other Urban Decay smaller palettes as well as Sleek Cosmetics if you don't want to go through the drama of online shopping/money conversion etc.( paid $200.00TT) the NYX  website

This is usually $25.00 U.S but can be bought cheeper when there are sales at the sites below..

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


  1. Sehr farbenfrohes Sortiment, viel Freude damit...

    Lieben Gruß

  2. Its been fun but tricky creating new looks
    thank you Cloudy<3