Saturday, 8 September 2012

Glitzy Glam Bag - Halener Rustique

I recently received my first Glitzy Glam Bag for the month of August, this was started by a local beauty supplier about a year ago, but I only discovered this in July via a local Youtuber. I received it on the 4th September, but it seemed like this was a late month for a lot of their customers but I figured it was worth the wait to try out a few new items...

So basically its similar in concept to the glam bag, birch boxes etc where you pay a monthly fee (TT $100) which includes postage and you get either some sample size or  full size items sent to your door or you can probably organise pesonal delivery if in Trinidad...
Items inside:

  • Concealer brush
  • Elf Super glossy Lip Shine SPF 15 - Goddess
  • Nabi Blush - Plum 05
  • bhcosmetics quilted makeup bag

right:  Elf lip gloss, middle : Nabi blush, end: Nabi eyeliner

My take on the items?? Hmm...
I'm not really a lip gloss, and though Elf products are not common in Trinidad and Tobago nation wide,it can occasionally be found at Excellent Stores when they remember to stock up on the US 1.00 line on the little turntable display, (items cost about $10 TT) rack and they've had lip gloss on display which never grabbed my attention...with that said ...

The lip gloss is a little sticky, has a bubble gum scent and taste has a touch of pigmentation and does exactly as it says - gives a super glossy shine and has SPF (protects lips from sunburn)

The Nabi eyeliner is matte and well pigmented,  seems to go on smoothly has no extra staying power but works well as a regular an unknown brand to me.

The Nabi blush in Plum was a bit pale on my skin when swatch, but it blended easily to a more acceptable shade, has no shimmers and was also a little powdery but workable on my skin tone...unknown brand

The concealer brush is typical to its kind.. firm ,synthetic hair, non abrasive on the skin and can serve for other functions.

bhcosmetics makeup bag/pouch is made out of a quilted synthetic shiny cloth material, has an inner pocket and can be used ideally to carry around your daily touch-up make essential.

Recently on there facebook  wall they've mentioned a surprise box, but I did not apply for that one but who knows, if my curiosity irks me enough I just may try it out. You can check out the company on there facebook page but you need to apply as a friend...its open to international shipping and they do sell other items like the 120 palette etc. Everything is calculated in TT dollars so be a smart shopper and purchase only if its worthwhile to you..
Halener Rustique


  1. hey Ana, this looks interesting but i just prefer choosing what i like instead. As for ELF you can find them at Magical makeup too, and a new place in San Juan called Tres Belle Cosmetique. Will let you know if i find any more locations. And btw the caribbean nail and beauty show is on at the centre of excellence on Nov 4-5th so i'm sure you can find ELF and a range of other stuff there!

    1. Hi Naomi, thanks for the heads up on the nail show, will certainly try to show up for one of the days. The glitzy glam bag was me on hyper curiosity,which led me to purchase some other items which I hope to review but like yourself I'm more an independent shopper Tres Belle will definitely be my next beauty stop!! T.Y.

  2. Wind trägt unsere Gedanken fort, in Wolken gehüllt umrunden sie die Welt...

    Lieben Gruß und Carpe Diem