Friday, 31 August 2012

Simple eye look - Happy 50th Independence Anniversary :)

      Its Independence Day in Trinidad & Tobago,we gained our independence from Great Britain  on the  31st of August 1962 . So this year we are celebrating our 50th year just as Jamaica did recently,there is the usual military parades and speeches that tend to accompany this eventful time as well as the added joy of our islands claiming our first gold medal from the 2012 Summer Olympics in London due to the hard work of Keshon Walcott, and not forgetting the other 29 athletes who participated to the best of there ability bringing home another 3 bronze medals....

This is just my simple effort, using the colours of the flag,... remember I'm not a professional makeup artist ( just my disclaimer!!)l.o.l

applied my elf eye primer

applied some maybelline color tattoo in pomegranate punk

Added some red from my bhcosmetic palette 2nd edition

Added  white from bhcosmetic palette

Added a matte black same palette

used my Jordana white eye pencil along my waterline

used a beige/brown  colour as a highlight colour to brow bone

Added some gold to my tear ducts from my Playgirl "loose" eyeshadow glitter
92/L shell shock

To everyone in T&T hope you all have a great Independence Day and to everyone else a blessed and Happy upcoming weekend (>.<)


  1. Meinen Glückwunsch dazu! Leider wird bei uns darüber gar nichts in den Medien berichtet..:-(

    Lieben Gruß und Sonne im Herzen

    1. Hi Cloudy, thank you for the well wishes, Trinidad and Tobago being a small island and such...isn't likely to get that type of world wide media report unless we did several things that was above and beyond amazing!!

      No worry

      Have a beautiful and blessed day. xox

  2. Really lovely Ana! hope you enjoyed your holiday

    1. It was a good,hope urs went well too <3