Sunday, 5 August 2012


      As I've mentioned before, I am in no way a nail artist or even very fussy with my nails, but while browsing around Wonderful World I came across this cute little nail art set by L.A Girl and thought I would try it. As you can see from the packaging it also shows you some simple designs that you could try out, and strangely enough it is quite similar to our national colours, just by replacing the silver with white.

Anyway here was my simple take on their designs...

   All three colours were pretty opaque after two coats, you could have added a third to the red....but to me it wasn't necessary. What caught my attention to the set was really the dotting tool, but the colours were beautiful and smooth upon application, unfortunately I did not notice any colour names or numbers for future references for buying the polish in its regular size...

This L.A. Girl Polka Dot cost $30.00 TT at Wonderful World or $4.US using the link, if you're a newbie like myself or just want to add to your tools, you can't go wrong with this buy :D

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