Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Emancipation Day in T & T

     According to Caribbean history, in the year 1883 Thomas Buxton presented the Emancipation Bill in parliament, the Act was finally passed in 1834, but with a stipulation that ex slaves would be apprenticed for a period of four year to their former slave masters, so full freedom within form the British Empire to the British colonies did not come until August 1st 1838..

There was an actual tent with information concerning slavery

      So in remembrance of this time afro-"Trinbagonians" celebrate what there parent handed down to them in terms of religion, craft and food as well as what was learned from the very large and divers African culture
So this is just a few pictures of this year event...
A street parade leading to the heritage center

A vendor plying his trade outdoors 

Gold plated trinkets as well as items made of copper

A couple which also sell books on African history

It was an exciting day to be out, although my main reason was to hunt down another juicing book without much success,but I did at least get a few pieces of ethnic tribal jewelry and can say I was there for the last day of the Emancipation Day celebration.


  1. The jewelry and handbags are so beautiful!

  2. So true,the hand bags and jewelery were very nice I just had to capture the styles!Glad u like :)