Friday, 31 August 2012

Simple eye look - Happy 50th Independence Anniversary :)

      Its Independence Day in Trinidad & Tobago,we gained our independence from Great Britain  on the  31st of August 1962 . So this year we are celebrating our 50th year just as Jamaica did recently,there is the usual military parades and speeches that tend to accompany this eventful time as well as the added joy of our islands claiming our first gold medal from the 2012 Summer Olympics in London due to the hard work of Keshon Walcott, and not forgetting the other 29 athletes who participated to the best of there ability bringing home another 3 bronze medals....

This is just my simple effort, using the colours of the flag,... remember I'm not a professional makeup artist ( just my disclaimer!!)l.o.l

applied my elf eye primer

applied some maybelline color tattoo in pomegranate punk

Added some red from my bhcosmetic palette 2nd edition

Added  white from bhcosmetic palette

Added a matte black same palette

used my Jordana white eye pencil along my waterline

used a beige/brown  colour as a highlight colour to brow bone

Added some gold to my tear ducts from my Playgirl "loose" eyeshadow glitter
92/L shell shock

To everyone in T&T hope you all have a great Independence Day and to everyone else a blessed and Happy upcoming weekend (>.<)

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Revlon - Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain :+

Lovesick/Passionee  020 (top); Romantic/Romantique 045 (bottom)

      Hi people. I've been a bit busy and arriving home, feeling pretty drained_but did happen to stop off at Pennywise to  re-purchase my night cream, then gravitated to the cosmetic counter to check out what new products they had, and I was told about the Revlon lip balm stain...they only had 3 remaining at the time but,there are twelve shades in all.So I thought I would try out two of the remaining deeper colours in 020 Lovesick and 045 Romantic the one I  did not purchase was called seemed like a very light pink...

So here's a look at it on my lips...

What can I say about the product..

  • the packaging was pretty user friendly,sealed in a plastic wrapper so there is no fear of tampering and it requires no sharpening easy twist up silver bottom
  • the application was easy, Lovesick showed up instantly on my lips but Romantic required a few coats to show up well on my lips_  had good colour pay off otherwise!
  • it felt pretty moisturising on my lips
  • had a light minty fresh smell/taste
  • because it was a stain, it really did last quite well, much longer than my regular lipsticks

In the U.S the price range seem to be between $7- $9.U.S but locally its presently $46TT at 
Pennywise, so expect price differences else where.
I like this product for my casual days... no fuss, no extra prep time in terms of lip liner etc.
Would I repurchase.... yes as a treat for myself but its not a requirement...but yeah  I do luv this product!!

Sunday, 5 August 2012


      As I've mentioned before, I am in no way a nail artist or even very fussy with my nails, but while browsing around Wonderful World I came across this cute little nail art set by L.A Girl and thought I would try it. As you can see from the packaging it also shows you some simple designs that you could try out, and strangely enough it is quite similar to our national colours, just by replacing the silver with white.

Anyway here was my simple take on their designs...

   All three colours were pretty opaque after two coats, you could have added a third to the red....but to me it wasn't necessary. What caught my attention to the set was really the dotting tool, but the colours were beautiful and smooth upon application, unfortunately I did not notice any colour names or numbers for future references for buying the polish in its regular size...

This L.A. Girl Polka Dot cost $30.00 TT at Wonderful World or $4.US using the link, if you're a newbie like myself or just want to add to your tools, you can't go wrong with this buy :D

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Emancipation Day in T & T

     According to Caribbean history, in the year 1883 Thomas Buxton presented the Emancipation Bill in parliament, the Act was finally passed in 1834, but with a stipulation that ex slaves would be apprenticed for a period of four year to their former slave masters, so full freedom within form the British Empire to the British colonies did not come until August 1st 1838..

There was an actual tent with information concerning slavery

      So in remembrance of this time afro-"Trinbagonians" celebrate what there parent handed down to them in terms of religion, craft and food as well as what was learned from the very large and divers African culture
So this is just a few pictures of this year event...
A street parade leading to the heritage center

A vendor plying his trade outdoors 

Gold plated trinkets as well as items made of copper

A couple which also sell books on African history

It was an exciting day to be out, although my main reason was to hunt down another juicing book without much success,but I did at least get a few pieces of ethnic tribal jewelry and can say I was there for the last day of the Emancipation Day celebration.