Friday, 20 July 2012

My Henna Application


1 pack henna 100g
1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
1/2 cup warm tea
1/4 cup coconut oil
bowl (metal to avoid staining)
1 pair of gloves(disposable)
plastic shower cap (disposable)

I emptied the 100g henna into the bowl
added vinegar while stirring mixture
added in warm tea while still stirring
followed  coconut oil to attain the above consistency

According to the package which by the way only mentioned the use of water:-

"Directions of Use:
Mix the required quantity of powder in water.Blend properly and leave for twenty minutes before application. Apply the paste on the scalp and hair and leave for 30-40 min. Rinse thoroughly with water."

I applied the henna paste to clean slightly damp hair...

I applied a plastic bag, then topped off with a plastic shower cap then sat under my hooded for approximately 30 minutes...
When I took the cap off my hair felt soft but gritty,

 so I got in the shower to rinse, did not shampoo just let the henna run out of my hair until the water was clear...

I then applied conditioner to my hair, so that I could untangle my hair into large plaits

Immediate changes I noticed
my hair was softer
my black hair seemed the same...
except for the five or so strands  of hair that were once white/silver had turned reddish brown

The henna used was Nature's Essence Henna Plus
Tea infusion - 2 tea bags of Brooke Bond Red Rose(black tea) or coffee to enhance the colour
Coconut oil (home made or the one they usually use to light deya) this helps with dryness
Apple cider vinegar any of your choice or even lime/lemon juice which is much more common as a mild acid solution usually activates the colour to show itself
Can add egg for a mild protein treatment
Can add an essential oil or scented oil to cover the herbal smell

The reasons why I chose to use the pure Henna 
  • it adds thickness and shine
  • it strengthens the hair
  •  the Colour is not supposed show fading
  • it is plant based and do not contain the usual metal salts that can cause allergies
  • have no thought of ever using conventional methods such as using bleach or applying regular dyes with metal salts
This was my first attempt at applying henna to my hair and before attempting this I read up on this online,so my experience was not to bad.. my best source of information was the and the free e-book they offered.
 Sitting under the hooded dryer was just my usual short-cut take to avoid spending hours with a plastic cap and it did not seem to cause any harm when used here!!
    Good luck if you hope to try it and do check out the e-book


  1. Schaut gut aus, aber ist auch sicher aufwendig...

    Lieben Gruß

  2. It probably is..I'm not sure of the regular price, but at the fair I got it for $20.00 TTD = $3.00 USD =( 5.00 DEM)
    but I will look into it further and leave the appropriate links
    Stay Blessed