Sunday, 15 July 2012

Coloressence - lip color

     This is the lip color I bought while at the Indian fair/expo, I was planning to go back to check out their HD version but my focus at the time was mainly there henna...

According to the packaging it is called the Mesmerizing Lip Color and it contains:-
A unique combination of coriander & basil extract. This color nourishes, protects, moisturises and is hypoallergenic. Voluminize the lips.

Quantity:4g. Active ingredients: Almond oil, vitamin E
100% vegetarian

Nude Suede

This lip color has a creamy texture and is very moisturising
Has a mild sweet fragrance when applied but fades quickly enough
Has no glitter/shimmer that I can detect (supposed to be nude  >.<)
This color is faint on my skin tone with one application, but becomes more opaque or distinctive with two coats applied to my lips.
Longevity with me is 2-3 hours without undue fading...when you snack you will definitely need to reapply.
My lips remained moisturised and I did not notice any staining with this shade
This is one swipe/application to my hand

Outdoor lighting

Indoor lighting

What I happen to like about this product is how they try to incorporate a lot of natural ingredients within their product line and to check out their items you can follow this link
Locally: Sushilla's stores in Trinidad & Tobago


  1. Die Farbe gefällt mir auch...

    Lieben Gruß

  2. Hi Cloudy,true the color is really nice
    thank you and have a blessed day <3

  3. I've always wanted to try these out! I'll check them out at my next fair

  4. I wish u good luck in trying them out, the last I checked the fair is supposed to be in Chaguanas now :)