Sunday, 1 July 2012

Beautiful Textures - quick demo and review

     I finally decided to get around to writing a review or at least my experience with using a few of the basic products from Beautiful Textures... This product is geared towards women with Curly,Wavy,Kinky-Coily,and Frizzy hair textures

     I had my hair in small plaits for close to three weeks and had used some petoleum based bees wax to seal in the moisture and keep it neat as possible as I had run out of my shea butter mix

So without untangling I decided to wet/soak my hair with lukewarm water and apply the Beautiful Textures shampoo, and considering the buildup of products in my hair over the past three weeks I was somewhat sceptical that it would being a sulphate free shampoo(i.e. not containing lauryl sulphate which is very drying!!)


But surprisingly it did suds on the first application but I felt my scalp needed clarifying and decided to clarify with my regular stuff then reapplied the Beautiful Textures moisturizing shampoo and was satisfied with the product ability to clean without leaving my hair feeling stripped, although I had used my clarifying shampoo...This was how it looked on the second application..

Considering that I had my hair in small plaits for close to three weeks my hair obvously needed deep conditioning and to show how the product looked/worked on my hair I felt I needed to test it out without adding anything to the mix..

I placed a plastic bag  over my head, then covered it with my shower cap, then sat under my own personal hooded dryer for 30 minutes. Then took off the cap for approximately 5 minutes to cool down my head a bit.. so here its still not detangled(untangled) and has only the Deep Conditioner(D.P.) product only...

In the above picture  I am finally untangling my hair with a wide tooth bath comb from the ends, then gradually moving up to the roots.

Here it is untangled and in large plaits making it easier to
rinse out conditioner without having to untangle my hair

Its time to rinse out product and apply leave-in conditioner...
Hair rinsed out and with no product!

Leave-in conditioner applied and I used my usual hair oil to seal in the moisture.
  • Has a light fruity scent which is present in each product and layers nicely in your hair without being to overpowering.
  • The shampoo did give a good lather although I choose to use my regular clarifying shampoo to remove buildup.
  • The shampoo when used after clarifying, did not leave my hair feeling stripped instead it felt  moisturized and my hair did not feel greasy
Deep Conditioner
  • The deep conditioner had the texture of a "body cream" it smelled good and applied nicely to the hair
  • It absorbed well into the hair during the heat treatment 
  • It left my hair feeling soft and extremely hydrated
  • It had the required "slip" I needed to untangled my hair
  • It helped to give my hair a nice sheen
Leave-in Conditioner
  • Has a nice fragrance
  • Is creamy and has the texture of a "body lotion" so it applies easily to hair
  • There is no "regular" conditioner in the line so for the week I choose to not D.P. I would need to use some other product..
  • The Tangle Taming Leave in conditioner does not have enough "slip" for untangling my hair.
  • For women who do not like fruity scents they may chose to pass on this..

     Overall for me,the Deep Conditioner is the highly favored item in the product line it contains no petroleum or mineral oil and it can work well by itself...*but I'll be adding my own concoction as usual*, the leave in is something I can alternate among what I already use... as for the shampoo no complaints there..but I still get more for my money when I purchase my Tresemme which is usually "bundled" with the conditioner at an affordable price, which allows me to use their conditioner for "slip" when untangling my hair. 
     It seems like a very good product and its becoming widely available now at most of the major stores that sell toiletries and hair products namely Pennywise. The price point for the product locally is within our mid-range prices(under $50.) and within my it was a good investment (though I did purchase this at the Hair Show) and it has left me curious to try out some of there other products..Hope my little info helps :c)

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