Friday, 20 July 2012

My Henna Application


1 pack henna 100g
1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
1/2 cup warm tea
1/4 cup coconut oil
bowl (metal to avoid staining)
1 pair of gloves(disposable)
plastic shower cap (disposable)

I emptied the 100g henna into the bowl
added vinegar while stirring mixture
added in warm tea while still stirring
followed  coconut oil to attain the above consistency

According to the package which by the way only mentioned the use of water:-

"Directions of Use:
Mix the required quantity of powder in water.Blend properly and leave for twenty minutes before application. Apply the paste on the scalp and hair and leave for 30-40 min. Rinse thoroughly with water."

I applied the henna paste to clean slightly damp hair...

I applied a plastic bag, then topped off with a plastic shower cap then sat under my hooded for approximately 30 minutes...
When I took the cap off my hair felt soft but gritty,

 so I got in the shower to rinse, did not shampoo just let the henna run out of my hair until the water was clear...

I then applied conditioner to my hair, so that I could untangle my hair into large plaits

Immediate changes I noticed
my hair was softer
my black hair seemed the same...
except for the five or so strands  of hair that were once white/silver had turned reddish brown

The henna used was Nature's Essence Henna Plus
Tea infusion - 2 tea bags of Brooke Bond Red Rose(black tea) or coffee to enhance the colour
Coconut oil (home made or the one they usually use to light deya) this helps with dryness
Apple cider vinegar any of your choice or even lime/lemon juice which is much more common as a mild acid solution usually activates the colour to show itself
Can add egg for a mild protein treatment
Can add an essential oil or scented oil to cover the herbal smell

The reasons why I chose to use the pure Henna 
  • it adds thickness and shine
  • it strengthens the hair
  •  the Colour is not supposed show fading
  • it is plant based and do not contain the usual metal salts that can cause allergies
  • have no thought of ever using conventional methods such as using bleach or applying regular dyes with metal salts
This was my first attempt at applying henna to my hair and before attempting this I read up on this online,so my experience was not to bad.. my best source of information was the and the free e-book they offered.
 Sitting under the hooded dryer was just my usual short-cut take to avoid spending hours with a plastic cap and it did not seem to cause any harm when used here!!
    Good luck if you hope to try it and do check out the e-book

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Coloressence - lip color

     This is the lip color I bought while at the Indian fair/expo, I was planning to go back to check out their HD version but my focus at the time was mainly there henna...

According to the packaging it is called the Mesmerizing Lip Color and it contains:-
A unique combination of coriander & basil extract. This color nourishes, protects, moisturises and is hypoallergenic. Voluminize the lips.

Quantity:4g. Active ingredients: Almond oil, vitamin E
100% vegetarian

Nude Suede

This lip color has a creamy texture and is very moisturising
Has a mild sweet fragrance when applied but fades quickly enough
Has no glitter/shimmer that I can detect (supposed to be nude  >.<)
This color is faint on my skin tone with one application, but becomes more opaque or distinctive with two coats applied to my lips.
Longevity with me is 2-3 hours without undue fading...when you snack you will definitely need to reapply.
My lips remained moisturised and I did not notice any staining with this shade
This is one swipe/application to my hand

Outdoor lighting

Indoor lighting

What I happen to like about this product is how they try to incorporate a lot of natural ingredients within their product line and to check out their items you can follow this link
Locally: Sushilla's stores in Trinidad & Tobago

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Juicing your way to better Health

Pear,celery stalk,ginger,carrot,apple : no matter how powerful your juicer it is still a good idea to cut the
produce into smaller pieces

      Its been a hectic week with changes to my work hours, to the new people I work with and with catching up with my school life, so mid week I decided to get myself a juicer and strange enough when you make up your mind to do something the universe actually hears you.. while in a quick rush to get a few items while passing out front by R.I.K. bookstore on their display, they had this wonderful book on  show.....
"Juices & Smoothies-over  160 Healthy, Refreshing and Irresistible Drinks and Blends" written by Suzannah Olivier and Joanna Farrow...this book was serious "universal" luck on my part because the guy said it was the last one____who knows?!!

I'm loving this book my blender is also being put to use!

     This book covers recipes you can make with your juicer,blender or food processor and although I have only had it for a few days I've been really enjoying it.
As for my juicer Before I invested in this one Oster (600watts), I had the regular Oster 350 watts juicer but as I became more interested in my health I started doing some serious research and reading of reviews and in the centrifugal juicer, the Breville seems to stand out *which by the way is not sold in "Trinbago" to my knowledge?!!* followed by the Juiceman (sold at Trincity mall at Well Fit World), Waring Pro(supplied once at PriceSmart) and Jack Lalaine( supplied once at PriceSmart and presently available at "independently owned" variety shops locally.
The more wattage supposedly mean the more powerful and if you are planning to juice everyday it's supposed to be a good investment
The masticating juicer is something you would probably need to purchase online if it in your price range, the major difference between a centrifugal juicer and the masticating juicer :
Centrifugal juicers tends to work faster and shred juicier fruits and vegetables from their pulp giving you a concentrated drink that has lots of nutrients especially if drunk right after juicing (with no water added as in a blender)  unfortunately it oxidises faster which causes certain nutrients to be loss over a 48hr period
Masticating juicers are more high tech, and tend to work well with both grainy,leafy and juicy fruits and vegetables, it works a little slower than centrifugal juicers as there are two processes taking place, firstly the crush/chop the items up then force the pulp through a mesh to get the juices out, so less oxidation takes place (oxygen breaks down nutrients faster).

So if you feel the need to increase your energy, or you're recovering from an illness or are actually ill and have lost your appetite and are restricted to a certain diet try including  fresh juices or even smoothies into your life, for me it takes less time than preparing a meal and the variety of fruits and vegetables included is like a whole meal on the go...

Fresh fruit juices usually function to clean out your system, while vegetables tend to rebuild or regenerate cells and if you are fortunate to have organically grown fresh produce you are already on the right track to healthy living! toodles ;c) 

Friday, 6 July 2012

Rihanna Inspired makeup look

     I'm not a hardcore Rihanna fan like a couple of my friends are, but I do enjoy her makeup looks and her natural exuberance for life, her recent single "Where Have You Been" has certainly been a motivator for me to get off my "butt" and get back into a work out routine. so here is my version of her look using the mini Kleancolor palette I bought awhile back.

These are the above items I used

  • Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer
  • Rouane lipstick: Cafe Au-lait
  • Arista : lip moisturiser
  • Glowrina: Kajal
  • Santee : eye gel
  • Revlon ColorStay
  • Kleancolor: loveville
  • NYX eyeshadow base : white
  • Black Opal invisible oil blocking powder
  • Ruby Kisses 3D creator
  • Arista: lip gloss - Frost me brown
  • Elf eyelid primer
  • L.A. Girl: Pro-Primer -Black
  • NYX lipliner pencil - earthtone
  • Arista eyeshadow(my brow powder) - mt brown
  • Arista blush - aubergine

Step 1
Bare eyelid

Step 2

Elf eye primer applied...

Step 3

Elf eyelid primer blended, product says:-
  • Preps eyelid for smoother, longer-lasting, crease-proof eyeshadow
  • ultra sheer,nude color works to increase eye color longevity
  • light weight liquid formula quickly absorbs into skin for comfortable wear

Step 4

NYX white base applied to eyelid to enhance color pay off....
Step 6

L.A. Girl Pro Primer (base) in black was applied to outer  and inner corner of eyelid.

Step 7

Black eye primer was blended out to encircle the crease area

Step 8

Dark blue or color number 1 applied over L.A. black primer (outer lid and at inner corner of the eyelid)

Step 9

Color number 1 was blended, and color number 2 applied to the center of the lid

Step 10

Color number 3 was added as the highlighter at the browbone and blended

Step 11

Color number 1 was re-applied for a little more intensity.....

Step 12

This was the final look, I know the eye shadow color was not an exact replica of Rihanna look, but I felt it would be a fun look to try, while testing out my new primers ...


Sunday, 1 July 2012

Beautiful Textures - quick demo and review

     I finally decided to get around to writing a review or at least my experience with using a few of the basic products from Beautiful Textures... This product is geared towards women with Curly,Wavy,Kinky-Coily,and Frizzy hair textures

     I had my hair in small plaits for close to three weeks and had used some petoleum based bees wax to seal in the moisture and keep it neat as possible as I had run out of my shea butter mix

So without untangling I decided to wet/soak my hair with lukewarm water and apply the Beautiful Textures shampoo, and considering the buildup of products in my hair over the past three weeks I was somewhat sceptical that it would being a sulphate free shampoo(i.e. not containing lauryl sulphate which is very drying!!)


But surprisingly it did suds on the first application but I felt my scalp needed clarifying and decided to clarify with my regular stuff then reapplied the Beautiful Textures moisturizing shampoo and was satisfied with the product ability to clean without leaving my hair feeling stripped, although I had used my clarifying shampoo...This was how it looked on the second application..

Considering that I had my hair in small plaits for close to three weeks my hair obvously needed deep conditioning and to show how the product looked/worked on my hair I felt I needed to test it out without adding anything to the mix..

I placed a plastic bag  over my head, then covered it with my shower cap, then sat under my own personal hooded dryer for 30 minutes. Then took off the cap for approximately 5 minutes to cool down my head a bit.. so here its still not detangled(untangled) and has only the Deep Conditioner(D.P.) product only...

In the above picture  I am finally untangling my hair with a wide tooth bath comb from the ends, then gradually moving up to the roots.

Here it is untangled and in large plaits making it easier to
rinse out conditioner without having to untangle my hair

Its time to rinse out product and apply leave-in conditioner...
Hair rinsed out and with no product!

Leave-in conditioner applied and I used my usual hair oil to seal in the moisture.
  • Has a light fruity scent which is present in each product and layers nicely in your hair without being to overpowering.
  • The shampoo did give a good lather although I choose to use my regular clarifying shampoo to remove buildup.
  • The shampoo when used after clarifying, did not leave my hair feeling stripped instead it felt  moisturized and my hair did not feel greasy
Deep Conditioner
  • The deep conditioner had the texture of a "body cream" it smelled good and applied nicely to the hair
  • It absorbed well into the hair during the heat treatment 
  • It left my hair feeling soft and extremely hydrated
  • It had the required "slip" I needed to untangled my hair
  • It helped to give my hair a nice sheen
Leave-in Conditioner
  • Has a nice fragrance
  • Is creamy and has the texture of a "body lotion" so it applies easily to hair
  • There is no "regular" conditioner in the line so for the week I choose to not D.P. I would need to use some other product..
  • The Tangle Taming Leave in conditioner does not have enough "slip" for untangling my hair.
  • For women who do not like fruity scents they may chose to pass on this..

     Overall for me,the Deep Conditioner is the highly favored item in the product line it contains no petroleum or mineral oil and it can work well by itself...*but I'll be adding my own concoction as usual*, the leave in is something I can alternate among what I already use... as for the shampoo no complaints there..but I still get more for my money when I purchase my Tresemme which is usually "bundled" with the conditioner at an affordable price, which allows me to use their conditioner for "slip" when untangling my hair. 
     It seems like a very good product and its becoming widely available now at most of the major stores that sell toiletries and hair products namely Pennywise. The price point for the product locally is within our mid-range prices(under $50.) and within my it was a good investment (though I did purchase this at the Hair Show) and it has left me curious to try out some of there other products..Hope my little info helps :c)