Thursday, 21 June 2012

Small Haul- Indian Fair

     Today my step mom and I decided to pay a short visit to the Indian Fair, its a fairly large tent situated opposite the Centre of Excellence which contains many booths that sell East Indian clothes, jewellery, makeup, know the works!
The Essence of Beauty booth, they had glycolic peels,
 tan removers,scrubs,and even a mini facial done for $50.TT
     Anyway the reason for the visit was to repurchase henna for her hair, she had used the above "Henna Plus" by Nature's Essence on her hair last week and was quite pleased with how bouncy and soft her hair felt, well.. once it has to do with hair you know I just had to be "all up in dat!"(just had to be there)

     I really did not think to walk with my camera, but this stall was also most present at the Hair and Beauty Trade show this year so the above is a shot of there colourful array of beauty products and cosmetics. 
Since allowing my hair to grow in peace without unnecessary manipulation, these four years I've not coloured my hair nor added any texturizer to my hair and I know henna tends to give the hair a reddish brown tint, hence the purchase of the black henna colour to neutralise the look if necessary *I really like my natural jet black hair* so I hope my hair does not shows too much of a change.

     They also had a lot of skin care products,since my major complaint was my enlarged pores the polisher was suggested...
Hope this helps smooths out my enlarged pores

 packed with mostly natural ingredients the only item I did not purchase from this booth was my waterproof Kajal hopefully it does not make my eye water unnecessarily, a friend of mine says it only does this when its cleaning the eyes?!! o.O

finally for the lipstick I chose a nude/ neutral lip colour called Nude Suede for a look I'm hoping to try for the fair its supposed to close off around  the 25th June, and I did see some lip pencils with the MAC name selling for $20.TT...I'm really trying to not over indulge so I left that alone..
Nude Suede 34
 The fair usually rotates at different points throughout the island so I guess its a matter of listening or checking out the papers for where they may open next.As for the henna experiment I will write on my own experience in time..sigh..


  1. An solchen Angeboten kann man einfach nicht vorbei gehen...

    Lieben Gruß

  2. Hi Cloudy, the offers at the fair were really good! Some of the products I have not seen before and I am anxious to try out more items, but I will wait and use what I have first.. hopefully!All the best to you in Germany<3