Saturday, 9 June 2012

Simple Slanted nail block pattern;for the summer or beach

(l)summer peach, 53; (middle) neon melon,56; 24/7,920 (r)

Felt like trying out some more bright looks, using a few Sinful Colors I already had, so here is the combination I came up with. All you need is your three nail polishes of choice, also a base coat, top coat , sticky tape and polish remover and cotton buds to tidy up where necessary.

Step one, after applying your clear base coat apply the solid colour you favour

Place your tape on nail bed for the slanted design.. I stuck the tape then unstuck the tape a couple of times to weaken the stickiness of the tape before applying to my nail, to avoid lifting off my nail polish!

Paint on nail colour or design of your choice..allow to dry then remove tape

You can either tape your nails again covering the area where you don't want the new colour added or you could go free style if you have steady hands...

Did not apply any top coat as yet,... really did not like the fact that the yellow gave a lot of trouble to get it to look opaque!!

Finished look  :c(

Though I like the colours and variety Sinful Colors have to offer,I am a bit disappointed with the application of some of the colours. But then the fun with nail polishes for me is trying out different brands, after all life is a journey and whether good or bad all experiences are important... its what you learn from it that's important!So yeah..I will be on the usual..
Hope you all have a great weekend!!


  1. Oh i do like sinful colors but find it to be a hit or miss with the colours!

    1. The yellow for me was a total miss, it applies to streaky, even on my toes!!

  2. I want to send good Greetings from Germany!

    Servus and have a nice day

    1. Hi Cloudy, and greetings to you from "trinbago" its raining here right now, but love your picture of the rainbow<3