Thursday, 14 June 2012

KLEANCOLOR : Loveville

When I got home I realised that the centre pink was cracked

Recently while at Wonderful World I spied this little Kleancolor makeup palette,I believe its from their newer stock. It had theses really bright colours, but what made it an instant buy was that it contained an equal amount of matte and shimmer colours. So the test for me upon arriving home was:
 how pigmented would these colours be?
would it be chalky,powdery,lots of fall outs?
would it blend nicely?
would the shimmer be borderline chunky/glittery?
all these were my questions for this tiny and inexpensive palette...(cost $15.00TT)
so my first test was to swipe the colours on my arm to test pigmentation against my skin
02 Alluring Touch 

This was snapped in natural light and without any primer

So far, so good..
The matte colours are nicely pigmented, and you could probably judge for yourself that the two lighter shades to the left have just a slight chalky appearance, as for the lower row the colours are true and without the gaudy chunks of silver or gold-ish tone look you sometimes get with a few of the other inexpensive palette that leaves your eyes looking like a disco ball..

So I thought I would give you a quick look of this palette applied to a simple look.
The colours did not come out as vibrant as I would have liked, but you can judge for yourself as I'm not really complaining.The shadows were a bit powdery but not overpoweringly so and I did like how the shimmer colours showed up well, overall I think for the price I did not lose and for teenager, women on a budget or a novice or any one who enjoys playing around with colours its a fun palette to try. I'm thinking to myself I need to try out some other primers or layer on a base besides my usual stuff..
Hope you try it out!


  1. It looks good...

    Carpe Diem

  2. Hi Cloudy,and thank you:)

  3. I havent gone into wonderful world in a long time! avoiding them since i usually overspend! hehe. I love the look you did btw

  4. I've been trying the same thing, but with pennywise.I'm trying to enjoy what i already have, and limit my temptation to cute affordable items so I won't feel guilty!lol