Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Sunny day in the city

A view of our recently built Hyatt Hotel

      I'm sure that at some point in your lives, you've heard it said " each day to the fullest ..." or something to that effect, so yesterday after coming off work I decided to do something spontaneous and visit my hometown/village. So tired but in the mood to "knock about" (travel). I parked my car at my regular spot when in our city capital of Port-of-Spain and took a cool walk to wharf to finally try out the ferry ride "Water Taxi" to San Fernando. Of late, I am usually to busy to walk around but these are my honest to God first time view of our city from this view...
The eating area for all our local delicacies called the Breakfast Shed

So after having something to eat...I really did not think of taking photos of my breakfast_sorry!.. I left to purchase my ferry ticket....

The place was just next door to the Breakfast Shed, so my short stroll had me there at around 9.35am and at that hour, there weren't much people around, so I got a full introduction by the clerk who gave me a small sheet explaining  the ticket system and timing.
A view of things from the waiting area..

It finally arrived!

Did not have to wait too long for the water taxi to arrive, but its amazing that even from inside you can see how beautiful and sunny the day is...
I believe this vessel was the "calypso sprinter" please don't quote me on

It was time to board,

Had a choice of seats!

Saying a short farewell to P.O.S.

It was a smooth 45 minutes, there waiting area in San Fernando seemed to be under repair,  but my journey did not end there so unfortunately for me, with our lovely traffic I was late for the return trip, luckily the ticket is valid for 30 days, but I can say I did enjoy myself ...and did made a new friend with another traveller who encouraged me to take a bus ride back to Port-0f-Spain...


  1. I've never taken the water taxi before but I really want to take a trip to Sando with it soon

  2. Please do, its so relaxing and its an easy opportunity for Sando shopping, the only downfall is the repairs being done to the south waiting area:(