Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A swift look at the Hair and Beauty Trade Show in T & T

Such a quiet Sunday...

     This Sunday gone I was able to enjoy a short visit to Crowne Plaza to view The Trinidad and Tobago Hair and Beauty Trade Show, considering that I had to work it was a very short visit indeed.
They were also giving away samples of the new line called
Beautiful Textures as well as new products from the known
line Profectiv

It was a nice gathering of people and products both new and old and I was happy to try out the more neutral tones of the Maybelline Color Tattoo at such a discounted price, and according to how well it sits on my sometime oily lids will determine future purchases. I also got to purchase my first sulfate free shampoo.
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My good friend who stepped up to the plate with my near last minute invite was happy to indulge in the purchasing of a new skin care, hair and bodyline, which really did leave our hands softer to touch, but I told her when ever she choose to re-order I would put in my request as well.

These jewellery were an awesome sight but t guess I'll let the few photos I was able to take speak for themselves...
Such beautiful necklaces from Chelsea-Sue Jewellery

Chelsea-Sue Jewellery

For the women who like to change up their style on the go there were wigs, and weaves, also skin and makeup demonstration.
Santa's the Wig King

A  facial demo using products from one of the booths

n.b. Hoping everyone who was able to go had fun and thanking Bellezza for her reminder of the event.


  1. No problem Ana! Hope you had a good time!

  2. Thanks a lot Naomi,the show was worth checking:)