Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Random recollections of May: quick review of Signature Collection

     The month of May is drawing to a close, on the 30th day of this month, our twin island republic will have a public holiday celebrating Indian Arrival Day. This is to commemorate  the arrival of indentured labourers brought from India to Trinidad in May 1845 upon the ship Fatel Razack ( a word similar to the Arabic word Fath Al Razak;Victory to Allah the Sustainer),to work upon the estates. This arrival was celebrated quietly within the East Indian community for years, but was finally given recognition in the form of an official public holiday in 1994. 
 For me personally growing up in a more or less catholic household and a multi-ethnic village, May was considered to be the month of Mary. So along with a few very close friends and family, an outing to visit the Siparia church which houses La Divina Pastora,(the divine shepherdess).was undertaken on Mothers day.
This photograph was taken of her on mothers day 2012

     There are so many stories of her, that are wide and varied, the one told to me by my grandmother (she celebrated the age 101 this year_may God bless her soul) and a few other old folks, was that she did somehow crossed the sea "mysteriously"  to land on our shores and was housed in a little wooden building, before being placed within the present day beautiful church.It was said that many would go to her offering her gold or whatever was most precious to the person praying. For a miracle in their lives and if the devotion was sincere it would be answered. She was eventually placed high out of reach due to the gradual changes in our society which has not been all positive. But to my definite knowledge, people of many ethnicity and religious belief do visit, do devotions and prayers, and every year around Easter is the time you will see the pilgrimage by many Hindus and Catholics, coming to make request or returning to give thanks, ours was just a gentle reminder of the importance of mothers day...and motherhood.
The many flowers placed at her feet

     The most important part of this month for me , was the celebration of my birthday, which was spent quite happily with close friends and family not seen in ages, receiving a few gifts one of which was a gift set from the Signature Collection which I had not the foggiest clue as to its popularity, my step mom uses Victoria Secrets and my sister in law is a Bath and Body works fanatic. I generally favour my  Dove and Avon body mist and perfume sets.

     This gift came neatly packaged in a box labelled Body Luxuries, tied with a simple gold ribbon,the scent was called Moonlight Path, the first thing I did, was to pop open the cream,and depending upon its consistency it would be used in my refill bottle for re-moisturising my hands while at work, this proved     to be thick and smelled heavenly, sort of floral with a possible hint of lavender?!!

My next line of attack was the body mist, I unscrewed the cap to get a whiff, as a good friend had taught me, to determine how pungent it was (alcohol v.s scent), when sprayed I certainly felt the need to sneeze, but the fragrance quickly followed and the scent was quite divine. It lasted fairly well, by itself and layered with the cream, the little I spritz on my clothes stayed with me throughout the day. So overall, would I purchase this item on my own?...Yes, if the price is good, its a keeper and the scent do last a little longer than my Avon body mist, but equally as long as my Dove, its just that my Dove contains less(89ml versus 236mls) and it does not have that initial pungent scent. Its parent company as I learned is Bath & Body Works.

Anyway as we bid farewell to the month of May 2012, I wish all the best for the month of June!!

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