Thursday, 10 May 2012

A Quick Show and tell : Maybelline Color Tattoo

top: 25 Bad to the Bronze, right: 20 Painted Purple, left: 10 Fierce & Tangy

The Maybelline Color Tattoo is the perfect eyeshadow for a woman on the go, and the price point at the hair show was pretty affordable at $35.TT. Of course the price would be higher on the outside and would vary depending on where you shop.

On the jar it claims 24hr wear,   but I'm generally a sceptic...with my combination skin and our humid climate who wouldn't be?!! So as I said before I just bought three...and my friend who has normal/dry skin partook of the brighter colour and was to give me her thoughts on there staying power...I'm still waiting!!
The first two(purple + tangy) are matte while the last(bronze) has a slight shimmer

Anyway I applied my makeup and left the house around 8am,  and while trying to get to my car around 11am I got drenched by a "passing cloud" shower...left the umbrella in the car ( >_<)  oww!!
But surprisingly enough, it did not affect my makeup!

 N.bFor this look I used my Sacha eye primer in caramel. I then restricted myself to the three cream eyeshadows with one exception..I had to use a matte brown to give a slight definition to my crease area, as for the actual application a synthetic brush was used which did apply the cream shadow well and prevented unnecessary tugging of the eyelids.


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