Monday, 21 May 2012

Foolin' around with the Ombre: Sinful Colors Professional

(l)Summer Peach;Tempa Bay 191
 So I'm happy to say that I'm finally back online,after having the technicians change my internet line after discovering the many razor chew marks on the cord from my not to favourite  furry friend(my bunny) least she's not to favoured right now...and finally sorting out the problem on the outside pole things are finally back to normal.
     Last week while at Wonderful World I decided to try out another nail polish from the brand Sinful Colors,I had previously bought a pink shade called 24/7 and neon melon which was okay, but required a few coats to get an opaque look, but was diluted enough to work well for the water marble nail look.I do admire the colour range available and just felt like brightening up my evening... for the past few days there has been a lot of unexpected showers, mainly attributed to the possible change of the moon according to my old friend, while she was busy complaining of arthritis pain,as for me I think its just a simple weather change into our rainy season..whatever the reason I felt the need to jazz up my mood with some bright colours..and this was the results of my trial and error.

Summer Peach 53

I applied my basecoat, followed by my colour by choice Summer Peach, which took about 3 coats but the fact it dried fast was in its favour.

I then taped across my nail then stippled on some Tempa Bay with a make up sponge, took of the tape and stippled on a little polish close to my outer tips hoping to get the ombre/gradient look

Tempa Bay 191

Got this look instead...

Liked it for the day but felt it was to blunt so did it a bit more "free-hand/free-style" and liked this better...

n.b I'm not a professional but it did brighten up a dull day, hope you give it a try using your favorite colours :c)

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