Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Random recollections of May: quick review of Signature Collection

     The month of May is drawing to a close, on the 30th day of this month, our twin island republic will have a public holiday celebrating Indian Arrival Day. This is to commemorate  the arrival of indentured labourers brought from India to Trinidad in May 1845 upon the ship Fatel Razack ( a word similar to the Arabic word Fath Al Razak;Victory to Allah the Sustainer),to work upon the estates. This arrival was celebrated quietly within the East Indian community for years, but was finally given recognition in the form of an official public holiday in 1994. 
 For me personally growing up in a more or less catholic household and a multi-ethnic village, May was considered to be the month of Mary. So along with a few very close friends and family, an outing to visit the Siparia church which houses La Divina Pastora,(the divine shepherdess).was undertaken on Mothers day.
This photograph was taken of her on mothers day 2012

     There are so many stories of her, that are wide and varied, the one told to me by my grandmother (she celebrated the age 101 this year_may God bless her soul) and a few other old folks, was that she did somehow crossed the sea "mysteriously"  to land on our shores and was housed in a little wooden building, before being placed within the present day beautiful church.It was said that many would go to her offering her gold or whatever was most precious to the person praying. For a miracle in their lives and if the devotion was sincere it would be answered. She was eventually placed high out of reach due to the gradual changes in our society which has not been all positive. But to my definite knowledge, people of many ethnicity and religious belief do visit, do devotions and prayers, and every year around Easter is the time you will see the pilgrimage by many Hindus and Catholics, coming to make request or returning to give thanks, ours was just a gentle reminder of the importance of mothers day...and motherhood.
The many flowers placed at her feet

     The most important part of this month for me , was the celebration of my birthday, which was spent quite happily with close friends and family not seen in ages, receiving a few gifts one of which was a gift set from the Signature Collection which I had not the foggiest clue as to its popularity, my step mom uses Victoria Secrets and my sister in law is a Bath and Body works fanatic. I generally favour my  Dove and Avon body mist and perfume sets.

     This gift came neatly packaged in a box labelled Body Luxuries, tied with a simple gold ribbon,the scent was called Moonlight Path, the first thing I did, was to pop open the cream,and depending upon its consistency it would be used in my refill bottle for re-moisturising my hands while at work, this proved     to be thick and smelled heavenly, sort of floral with a possible hint of lavender?!!

My next line of attack was the body mist, I unscrewed the cap to get a whiff, as a good friend had taught me, to determine how pungent it was (alcohol v.s scent), when sprayed I certainly felt the need to sneeze, but the fragrance quickly followed and the scent was quite divine. It lasted fairly well, by itself and layered with the cream, the little I spritz on my clothes stayed with me throughout the day. So overall, would I purchase this item on my own?...Yes, if the price is good, its a keeper and the scent do last a little longer than my Avon body mist, but equally as long as my Dove, its just that my Dove contains less(89ml versus 236mls) and it does not have that initial pungent scent. Its parent company as I learned is Bath & Body Works.

Anyway as we bid farewell to the month of May 2012, I wish all the best for the month of June!!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

NYX matte lipstick

(l) MLS06 Summer Breeze; (r)MLS02 Shocking Pink
lip liner 859 edge pink,823 earth tone,817 hot red,858 nude pink
 I finally decided to venture further afield to Long Circular mall to try out their NYX booth, admittedly there was a major price difference with the NYX round lipsticks, than my usual "lip smackers", but learning about new things always require stepping out of your comfort while there I did appreciate the variety and convenience of the booth, plus the sales person was very helpful.

      My purchases revolved around a few lip pencils and thought I would give their matte lip sticks a try, one in Shocking Pink and the other was Summer breeze, after reading a recent review... I honestly love the texture of both, but the colour for Summer breeze was just a bit to pale for my lips,and looked almost "Barbie doll" pink, but the Shocking Pink, which had a fuchsia tone was just right for me.

    Longevity... unless it states 24hrs, a  matte colour usually last me three to four hours,so if I'm busy snacking, which for me causes smearing and fading, I know I definitely need to touch up. I guess its truly dependant upon the woman, as with most matte lipsticks you need to exfoliate, apply a lip balm/vitamin E to moisturise your lip and apply lip liner for a smooth finish and oh yeah... what I liked about this lipstick was the fact that I had no staining of my lips...which gets me fussy about ingredients!!

Monday, 21 May 2012

Foolin' around with the Ombre: Sinful Colors Professional

(l)Summer Peach;Tempa Bay 191
 So I'm happy to say that I'm finally back online,after having the technicians change my internet line after discovering the many razor chew marks on the cord from my not to favourite  furry friend(my bunny) least she's not to favoured right now...and finally sorting out the problem on the outside pole things are finally back to normal.
     Last week while at Wonderful World I decided to try out another nail polish from the brand Sinful Colors,I had previously bought a pink shade called 24/7 and neon melon which was okay, but required a few coats to get an opaque look, but was diluted enough to work well for the water marble nail look.I do admire the colour range available and just felt like brightening up my evening... for the past few days there has been a lot of unexpected showers, mainly attributed to the possible change of the moon according to my old friend, while she was busy complaining of arthritis pain,as for me I think its just a simple weather change into our rainy season..whatever the reason I felt the need to jazz up my mood with some bright colours..and this was the results of my trial and error.

Summer Peach 53

I applied my basecoat, followed by my colour by choice Summer Peach, which took about 3 coats but the fact it dried fast was in its favour.

I then taped across my nail then stippled on some Tempa Bay with a make up sponge, took of the tape and stippled on a little polish close to my outer tips hoping to get the ombre/gradient look

Tempa Bay 191

Got this look instead...

Liked it for the day but felt it was to blunt so did it a bit more "free-hand/free-style" and liked this better...

n.b I'm not a professional but it did brighten up a dull day, hope you give it a try using your favorite colours :c)

Thursday, 10 May 2012

A Quick Show and tell : Maybelline Color Tattoo

top: 25 Bad to the Bronze, right: 20 Painted Purple, left: 10 Fierce & Tangy

The Maybelline Color Tattoo is the perfect eyeshadow for a woman on the go, and the price point at the hair show was pretty affordable at $35.TT. Of course the price would be higher on the outside and would vary depending on where you shop.

On the jar it claims 24hr wear,   but I'm generally a sceptic...with my combination skin and our humid climate who wouldn't be?!! So as I said before I just bought three...and my friend who has normal/dry skin partook of the brighter colour and was to give me her thoughts on there staying power...I'm still waiting!!
The first two(purple + tangy) are matte while the last(bronze) has a slight shimmer

Anyway I applied my makeup and left the house around 8am,  and while trying to get to my car around 11am I got drenched by a "passing cloud" shower...left the umbrella in the car ( >_<)  oww!!
But surprisingly enough, it did not affect my makeup!

 N.bFor this look I used my Sacha eye primer in caramel. I then restricted myself to the three cream eyeshadows with one exception..I had to use a matte brown to give a slight definition to my crease area, as for the actual application a synthetic brush was used which did apply the cream shadow well and prevented unnecessary tugging of the eyelids.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Sunny day in the city

A view of our recently built Hyatt Hotel

      I'm sure that at some point in your lives, you've heard it said " each day to the fullest ..." or something to that effect, so yesterday after coming off work I decided to do something spontaneous and visit my hometown/village. So tired but in the mood to "knock about" (travel). I parked my car at my regular spot when in our city capital of Port-of-Spain and took a cool walk to wharf to finally try out the ferry ride "Water Taxi" to San Fernando. Of late, I am usually to busy to walk around but these are my honest to God first time view of our city from this view...
The eating area for all our local delicacies called the Breakfast Shed

So after having something to eat...I really did not think of taking photos of my breakfast_sorry!.. I left to purchase my ferry ticket....

The place was just next door to the Breakfast Shed, so my short stroll had me there at around 9.35am and at that hour, there weren't much people around, so I got a full introduction by the clerk who gave me a small sheet explaining  the ticket system and timing.
A view of things from the waiting area..

It finally arrived!

Did not have to wait too long for the water taxi to arrive, but its amazing that even from inside you can see how beautiful and sunny the day is...
I believe this vessel was the "calypso sprinter" please don't quote me on

It was time to board,

Had a choice of seats!

Saying a short farewell to P.O.S.

It was a smooth 45 minutes, there waiting area in San Fernando seemed to be under repair,  but my journey did not end there so unfortunately for me, with our lovely traffic I was late for the return trip, luckily the ticket is valid for 30 days, but I can say I did enjoy myself ...and did made a new friend with another traveller who encouraged me to take a bus ride back to Port-0f-Spain...

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A swift look at the Hair and Beauty Trade Show in T & T

Such a quiet Sunday...

     This Sunday gone I was able to enjoy a short visit to Crowne Plaza to view The Trinidad and Tobago Hair and Beauty Trade Show, considering that I had to work it was a very short visit indeed.
They were also giving away samples of the new line called
Beautiful Textures as well as new products from the known
line Profectiv

It was a nice gathering of people and products both new and old and I was happy to try out the more neutral tones of the Maybelline Color Tattoo at such a discounted price, and according to how well it sits on my sometime oily lids will determine future purchases. I also got to purchase my first sulfate free shampoo.
Add caption

My good friend who stepped up to the plate with my near last minute invite was happy to indulge in the purchasing of a new skin care, hair and bodyline, which really did leave our hands softer to touch, but I told her when ever she choose to re-order I would put in my request as well.

These jewellery were an awesome sight but t guess I'll let the few photos I was able to take speak for themselves...
Such beautiful necklaces from Chelsea-Sue Jewellery

Chelsea-Sue Jewellery

For the women who like to change up their style on the go there were wigs, and weaves, also skin and makeup demonstration.
Santa's the Wig King

A  facial demo using products from one of the booths

n.b. Hoping everyone who was able to go had fun and thanking Bellezza for her reminder of the event.