Thursday, 26 April 2012

A water marble nail art tut. using pics ;c)

The water marble nail art look is probably, oh so last year for true nail "aficionado" but for myself and a couple of friends its a nice way to get that designer look without actually visiting the salon,so this was my day for experimenting!!
So here is what is needed

Items needed: nail polish (any brand of your choice)
                      scotch/masking/duct tape
                      plastic bowl
                      tooth pic
                      room temperature water (filtered tap or bottled water)
                      cotton buds and cotton
Should have taped up first!
Taped up after


  • Cut strips of tape and place along edges 
  • Paint on your base coat to protect nail bed from staining and let dry
  • Paint nail in a neutral back ground colour which would allow marbled colours to pop e.g.white, black
You need to hold brush closer to water surface, when dropped
from height, heavier drops sank to the bottom

  • Add a droplet of your nail polish of choice and allow to spread, then add a droplet of another colour of your choice and allow to spread. Can several more colours to create a colour palette of your choice, but you also need to move fast

  1. Take toothpick and manipulate the colour pattern to your own choosing.
  2. Dip finger, move on to next nail 
  3. When all nails are done let dry, remove tape and tidy up your edges
Need to work fast to prevent it forming into a "skin" on the
water surface

The smaller the container the smaller it would spread and the
brighter it would look on your nails
Used toothpick to create design

Before you pull out nail use cotton or cotton bud to clear water

Can let dry and remove tape to clean up fingers
Finished look, unfortunately I got a few air bubbles,
will do better next try!

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